28 May 2014

President Grant 2 - New Version!

A new updated version of the President Grant 2 is now available for UK users to buy. The new version has had a firmware update to enable the radio to operate on the mid band all modes (AM/FM/USB/LSB) and the UK40 FM without having to change the country code of the radio.

On the original version you had to turn the radio off, hold down the F button, turn the radio on, reselect the country code to EU or U, hold the F button then turn the radio off then on again to change between UK40FM and mid band all modes.

The new way of changing is all done on the MODE switch which cycles as follows:

Mid Band AM
Mid Band FM
Mid Band USB
Mid Band LSB

then back to Mid Band AM and so on.

This makes the radio much easier to use in preparation for legalisation of AM/SSB in July.