28 May 2014

President Grant 2 - New Version!

A new updated version of the President Grant 2 is now available for UK users to buy. The new version has had a firmware update to enable the radio to operate on the mid band all modes (AM/FM/USB/LSB) and the UK40 FM without having to change the country code of the radio.

On the original version you had to turn the radio off, hold down the F button, turn the radio on, reselect the country code to EU or U, hold the F button then turn the radio off then on again to change between UK40FM and mid band all modes.

The new way of changing is all done on the MODE switch which cycles as follows:

Mid Band AM
Mid Band FM
Mid Band USB
Mid Band LSB

then back to Mid Band AM and so on.

This makes the radio much easier to use in preparation for legalisation of AM/SSB in July.

26 May 2014

Stryker SR-955HPC On Air Tests (24/05/14)

Dave (M0OGY) takes another look at the Stryker SR-955HPC - Part 2

Stryker SR-955HPC 10 Meter Radio Review

Dave (M0OGY) takes another look at the Stryker SR-955HPC - Part 1
Germany: Lafayette Evolution Due June 1st!

The new Lafayette Evolution has been spotted on this German website: LINK
The website says they expect to have the new radio on sale from 1st June with a price of 139 euros (Which equates to £112 - Yes we get shafted once again in the UK!)

The website tells us that the radio is Multi Norm and you change country codes by turning the radio off and pressing the MENU/SCAN button whilst turning the radio on, select the appropriate code for your country then press the MENU/SCAN button again.

Also this Italian website: LINK - Shows  that the radio can be put into EXPORT mode and have higher power output!

(Click images to enlarge)

Reino Unido, en canales 27/81 (25/05/2014)

Charlie Tango Sunday Net Heard In Spain!

24 May 2014

Lafayette Evolution On Sale Now!

Thunderpole have the new Lafayette Evolution CB radio in stock and on sale now. The radio has a classic look which can be customised by changing the front panel and control knobs. 

The radio is DIN mountable and the backlight can be changed to BLUE or GREEN.

Channel configuration:

U -    UK            80ch 4 watts FM (UK + EU)
E -    Europe      40ch 4 watts AM/FM
D4 - Germany   40ch AM 4 watts/80ch FM 4 watts
PL - Poland        40ch AM/FM 4 watts (Zero's)

Other Features: 

Analogue signal/power meter, PA, Auto Squelch, Scan, 12/24 volt, Mic Gain, RF Gain. 

Price: £129.99

Will it be a winner? - Well I like the look of it and the nice touch of being able to customise the fascia and knobs but with the upcoming legalisation of AM/SSB I think I would have liked to have seen a multi-mode version of the same radio... Maybe that is yet to come?

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22 May 2014

President Going All Out To Restore Reputation?

President Electronics have embarked on an advertising campaign to restore their recently battered reputation following the problems surrounding their flagship radio - the President Lincoln 2.

As you will know some of the Lincoln 2 radios were plagued with problems but President were quick to act, modifying radios under warranty to "Version 2" specifications and then quickly launching a new "Version 3" radio. They are certainly not a company to sit back and do nothing when a problem arises. 

We then saw front and back page adverts in Radio User Magazine in partnership with Nevada Radio. The advertising onslaught continues in Junes edition of the magazine as well (See images below - Click to enlarge).

No doubt President hope this high profile campaign and their swift action will restore their battered image amongst the radio community and they are sure to capitalise on the upcoming legalisation of AM and SSB here in the UK.

I myself have the Grant 2 and the Lincoln 2. The Grant 2 is a lovely legal CB radio which is likely to become the best selling legal AM/FM/SSB radio in the UK. 

My Lincoln 2 has been upgraded to Version 2 and is now working very well indeed. 

So, have President done enough to restore faith in their products? 

Only time and sales will tell!!!!

BLOG Gets A Mention In Radio User Magazine

Many thanks to Simon (Comms From Europe Pages)

19 May 2014

AM/SSB CB Radio Consultation Ends

OFCOM in the UK have now ended all consultations in relation to Legalising AM and SSB in line with European Directives!

The wait is almost over - We just need a DATE!!!!!

16 May 2014

UK CB Radio 27Mhz + VHF
Last Chance To Have Your Say!!!!

Two very important OFCOM consultations come to a close soon and it's your last chance to have your say!!!

Legalising AM/SSB on 27 MHz - Consultation ends 19th May CLICK HERE

VHF CB Radio - Consultation ends 26th May CLICK HERE

President Lincoln II Version 3

Simon The Wizard gets his hands on a V3 Lincoln 2!

15 May 2014

President Lincoln II 10m Band Transceiver

Morse on a President Lincoln 2! (Video by YC0NSI)

Anytone AT-6666 Export Mode

Here it is folks - The key-presses which enable EXPORT mode on the new Anytone AT6666 (Video by 26CT455)

14 May 2014

Version 3 President Lincoln 2 On It's Way?

Knights Electrocom are taking pre-orders for a VERSION 3 of the new Lincoln 2 on their website:

(Click to enlarge)

As you will probably know the original Lincoln 2 (V1) was plagued with problems. President issued fixes for these problems which involved the radios being modified and thus was born the V2 radio. So what is with the V3 radios?

Well my guess would be that the modifications will now be incorporated into the circuit design possibly along with further improvements such as making the radio PC programmable.

There has been no official word from President as yet about any V3 Lincoln 2. So does Doug @ Knights know something that we don't? Time will tell I guess!
CB Radio: Spain Goes Licence Free!

radionoticias.com is reporting that the long standing Spanish CB Radio licence has been withdrawn.

Previously Spanish citizens who wished to use CB Radio had to purchase a lifetime licence, but in a move which is sure to encourage people back onto the airwaves the licence requirement has now been dropped.  

Google translation of the article (Click to enlarge):

2 May 2014

CB Radio Around The World

I need your help!

I am currently compiling a list of the various CB Radios systems in use around the world. 

You can see the list on my website:

If you can help with information/corrections please get in touch!