22 March 2020

Another UK CB Radio Net

So here we have news of yet another new CB Radio net here in the UK.

The 'South Of The River Radio Bandits DX Group' will be active on the last Wednesday of each month from 18:30 hours (UK Time) on 27.385 LSB (I guess they'll be the first to know if any skip comes in from the US!) - They will be operating from London and the surrounding areas.

So put Wednesday 25th March in your diary and give them a call....

20 March 2020

UK On Lockdown

As the UK goes into lockdown CB, PMR and Ham Radio are the ideal way to maintain social interaction, so get on the air and give a shout! 

CB Radio calling on channel 19 (27.78125mhz)

PMR 446 calling on channel 8 (446.09375mhz)

Ham Radio calling (for licensed operators only) 145.500, 433.500, 51.510, 70.450, 29.600 and across the relevant bands.

Midlands PMR Net 22/03/2020

In this time of crisis and social isolation it's great to see people trying something new. David and Ryan will be out and about on the PMR 446 band on Sunday 22/03/2020 with the first of hopefully, many nets on channel 12 (446.14375Mhz). 

The PMR can be truly amazing with some great contacts to be had so if you are in range why not give this a go? 

The net kicks off at 14:00 hours (UK time)

14 March 2020

The 'Almost Spring' Net 14/03/2020

Tonight is the night for The 'Almost Spring' Net live from Winter Hill here in the UK, so why not get on the air and give them a shout on 27.405 USB....


Another interesting handheld radio, the QYT KT-8R, priced at around £55 and looking like a beefed up Baofeng!

Main features:
Quad frequency
Fashion colour screen
High low Output power
Easy operation
English interface

Frequency Range
VHF: 136-174MHz, 220-260MHz
UHF: 400-480MHz, 350-390MHz
Channel Capacity
 200 Channels
Frequency Stability
Channel Step
Working Voltage
7.4V DC±15%
Squelch way
CARRIER / CTCSS / DCS / 5Tone / 2Tone / DTMF
Antenna impedance
Operating Temperature


Wide Band
Narrow band
Channel chioce
Spurious Rejection
Audio response
Signal to noise ratio
Audio distortion
Audio output power


Wide Band
Narrow band
Output power
Modulation Mode
Channel Power
Signal noise ratio
Parasitic harmonic
Audio response

2 March 2020

AMC Leap of Faith Net - 29/02/2020

Video:YouTube/1837 Out & About

Some of the action from the 'Leap Of Faith' AM Net here in the UK which took place on Leap Day, 29th February 2020....

29 February 2020

Thunderpole T-3000 - Unboxing & Test

Video:YouTube/Paul McGee M0WNU

Paul takes a look at the new Thunderpole T-3000 CB Radio in his own inimitable style....

Tuesday AM Net 25/02/2020

Video:YouTube/AMC Dougie Fresh!

This time it's action on AM with the Tuesday night AM net here in the UK....

Tuesday LSB Net 25/02/2020

Video:YouTube/AMC Dougie Fresh!

Here's some of the action from a recent LSB net here in the UK...

AMC Leap Of Faith Net

Happening tonight (29/02/2020) from 10pm UK time, is the AMC 'Leap Of Faith' Net. 

Making the most of the extra day this year on channel 14 EU Band (27.125Mhz) AM. So don't be shy, call in if you hear the guys on the channel... 

20 February 2020

Floureon FC200 PMR446 UPDATE

It would appear that the brilliant 16 channel Floureon FC200 PMR446 handhelds have had a firmware update recently.

Users are reporting the the radios no longer have the Hi/Lo power option in the menu meaning that the radios will only do the standard 500mw output power instead on the 1W output on earlier versions.

These radios is still brilliant, work extremely well and are worth every penny so don't be put off but it's just something to consider when buying them from now on.

User 'Billbot' on the CT forum emailed Floureon about this change and got this response:

"As for your question, The High / Low power problem you mentioned, at the beginning, each of our walkie talkies had this feature, but due to the regulations of the radio communication department, we had to delete this feature and change the product description. 

Best Regards


15 February 2020

Radio User Magazine - Over and Out!


Well what can we say? This news is a big disappointment and truly difficult to understand the reasoning behind it.....

For those of you who don't know, Radio User magazine dropped all CB Radio content a while back which left a big void as there were no publications championing CB radio. Many people, including myself, stopped buying the magazine as there simply wasn't anything in it worth reading for CB radio operators (I mean, military aircraft frequencies and receiving foreign analogue TV stations have been done to death for god's sake!).

Fast forward to the end of last year and GREAT NEWS, the magazine had decided to bring back CB Radio content in the shape of Dave, M0OGY who had been lined up to do a monthly column all about UK CB radio featuring reviews, information and all other aspects of the hobby. 

Despite having to cope with some serious disabilities which make writing articles extremely difficult, Dave put a lot of time and effort into his contributions to the magazine and had some great ideas for future editions including a feature on the ever growing and very popular weekly nets which have sprung up in the UK since AM and SSB were legalised in 2014.... 

But SHOCK HORROR as you will hear from Dave in the video, after only two months the magazine has once again decided to drop CB Radio from its pages and worse still they have dropped Dave which is quite frankly disgusting in my opinion. 

Along with Dave I immediately wondered how many people have subscribed to the magazine purely because of Dave's excellent CB radio column. I was on the verge of subscribing myself and if I had done so, I know that I would be feeling rather annoyed with the decision of Warner Publishing to drop CB from the pages of Radio User. I am sure there will be many of you reading this now or watching Dave's video who have taken out a subscription - My only advice would be to get in touch with the magazine and maybe ask for your money back, after all they took it under false pretences if you subscribed for the promised CB Radio content!

(You can email their editor:  wiessala@hotmail.com or their publisher robm@warnersgroup.co.uk )

Warner Group Publications (and thereby, Radio User Magazine) have made a big mistake as far as I'm concerned. Dropping CB radio at a time when it is more popular than it's been for many years and dropping Dave who is literally The Voice of UK CB Radio and is widely respected by many in the hobby.

I certainly will not be buying any more of their magazines!!!!

However, on a brighter note -  as Dave says, you can continue to follow him on YouTube where I'm sure he'll have many more interesting videos for you to watch in the coming months...


11 February 2020

Working HF Pedestrian Mobile During Storm Ciara


Another great video from David, M0DAD, operating pedestrian mobile with his Xiegu X5105 portable radio....

7 February 2020

Thunderpole T3000 On The Air Test FM & AM

Video:YouTube/UK CB radio servicing

It looks like Thunderpole have a winner on their hands with the T3000....

2 February 2020

Thunderpole T3000 Overview & Internal Adjustments

Video:YouTube/UK CB radio servicing

Richard Shireby, G0OJF, takes a look at the Thunderpole T3000 CB Radio....

Main Features

  • 80 UK/EU Channels plus European bands
  • 12 & 24 Volt Input
  • 4 Watt RF Output
  • Large LCD Display (7 different colours)
  • Dimmable LCD Backlight
  • AM/FM Modes
  • One Button Band Switching
  • Channel 9 & Channel 19
  • S-Meter
  • Scan Function
  • Key Lock
  • Auto + Manual Squelch
  • Up / Down Channel + ASQ Microphone Buttons
  • Front Speaker
  • 2-Pin Accessory Socket (Kenwood wired)
  • VOX Facility
  • Cigarette Lighter Plug Fitted
  • Size: 187mm (W) x 56mm (H) x 85mm (D)

31 January 2020

Northern Ireland Weekly Nets

Here we have a couple of videos from The Northern Ireland Weekly Nets which take place every Thursday night on 27.365 USB and 27.525 USB....

Videos:YouTube/68WR048 Marty

28 January 2020

International Space Station Contact 28/01/2020

Yet another great Space Station contact...

Hang Tenna 582 Review 10/11m Antenna

Video:YouTube/Matt M6CEB 2E0FNM

A review by Matt (M6CEB/2E0FNM) of the 'Hang Tenna' 10/11m portable antenna which is an easy way of operating out mobile or at home, you just need somewhere to hang it......

24 January 2020

Space Station Contacts 27th/28th January 2020

Two upcoming Space Station contacts are planned for next week:

An educational radio contact is planned with Agrupamento de Escolas Serafim Leite, São João da Madeira, Portugal, direct via CS2ASL.

The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be OR4ISS and the scheduled astronaut is Luca Parmitano KF5KDP. Contact is go for: Monday 27 Jan 2020 16:33:34 UTC 64 deg; downlink signals from ISS will be audible above parts of Europe on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM; contact will be in English. RX only! Credit: AMSAT.


An educational radio contact is planned with Primary School “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj“, Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia, direct via YU7BPQ. 

The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be OR4ISS The scheduled astronaut is Luca Parmitano KF5KDP. Contact is go for: Tuesday 28 Jan 2020 15:51:19 UTC 48 deg; downlink signals from ISS will be audible above parts of Europe on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM; contact will be in English. RX only! Credit: AMSAT.

AM QSO Party - This Weekend

From Facebook:

"This coming weekend is the AM QSO PARTY in Europe.

But what is the event all about? How do you take part?


Clyde Valley Anniversary Net

Tonight sees the 2nd Anniversary of the Clyde Valley Net in Scotland, UK.

If you are within range you can catch the net on 27.405 USB from 20:00 hours, so make sure you call in and say hello!

22 January 2020

International Space Station Contact 22/01/2020

The Space Station never came above the horizon at my location but I still manged to hear part of the conversation today....

20 January 2020

UK To Canada Xiegu x5105


Another great video from M0DAD, this time with a handheld contact from the UK to Canada. That Xiegu X5105 certainly does the business.... 

13,000 Mile Contact On Xiegu X5105 HANDHELD


Here we have David, M0OGY, in the North East of England operating handheld on a Xiegu X5105 as he attempts a contact with ZL3OZ in New Zealand at a distance of over 13,000 miles!

Reception on the little radio is wonderful, and the fact that anything of David's transmission can be heard so far away is quite simply amazing at this point in the solar cycle....