8 December 2020

Wouxun KG-UV8G 4m/2m Handheld

Video:YouTube/Stephen Legg

Many thanks to Stephen who dropped me a line telling me about his latest video which features the new Wouxun KG-UK8G handheld.

This is certainly an interesting looking radio which provides an easy route to operating on the very underused 4m band. 

Myself, I've had a 4m handheld for a couple of years but can count on one hand the number of stations heard. Interest in 4m is certainly increasing so it might be the time to get up to the top of a hill and give out a call.

Anyway, the radio sells for £99.95 here in the UK and is available from Martin Lynch & Sons.

  • Main Features:

  • Dulex Repeater 
  • Memory Channels 999
  • QT/DQT Encoding / Decoding , QT / DQT Scan
  • VOX and SOS Funcion
  • Multi Definition for Sidekeys
  • Incoming Message Display Caller ID display
  • DTMF Encoding and Decoding
  • All Calls , Group Calls And Selective Calls
  • Dual Display ,Two Independent Operation System
  • Large Color Screen
  • Duplex Work Mode and Dual Receiving
  • Cross Band Repeater
  • Power on Message Editable
  • Wide / Narrow Bandwidth Selection (25KHZ / 12.5KHz)
  • Chinese and English Voice Guide
  • Chinese and English Screen Display
  • Bright Flashlight illumination
  • Reverse Frequency
  • Single-Tone Pulse Frequency : 1000 / 1450 / 1750 / 2100Hz
  • Stopwatch
  • Remote Alarm
  • Priority Scan Function
  • Voice Encryption and Non-Standard CTCSS/DCS
  • Voice Compander

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