31 December 2016

Happy New Year!

I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish all the blog visitors a very happy and prosperous New Year!

29 December 2016

President Himalaya WB - £5 OFF @ Knights

If you fancy the new President Himalaya WB vertical antenna this may be of interest to you. Knights Electrocom have announced that anyone who pre-orders the antenna before 16th January 2017 will get a £5 reduction on the normal price.


Type: 1/2 Wave Length (λ)
Impedance: 50 Ohm (Ω)
Frequency: 22-30 MHz
Polarization: Vertical
SWR: 1.15:1 (at band centre)
Gain: +8 dBi
Max. Power: 2000 Watt P.E.P
Band width: 8000 kHz for swr below 2:1
Weight: 2 kilogram
Length: 5270 mm
Whip: Fiber / graphite

Special Price: £94.50

Link to Knights Website: CLICK HERE

Will it perform any better than any other half wave vertical....?

I doubt it, but the build quality should be good (I hope)!

26 December 2016

Nevada Radio 10% Off

Nevada Radio have announced on Facebook that they will give a discount of 10% on ANYTHING purchased over the phone or in their shop this week. Simply mention "Facebook" to get the discount. 

New Cobra 29LXMAX Coming Soon

Seen on Facebook the other day and doesn't this radio look awful!!!!

40 Channel AM only, 4 watts, Bluetooth, Weather Channels, Multi Coloured Display, Covered in 'plastic' chrome, Big 'Bluetooth' button..... The yanks will love it!!!

Due out "Soon" apparently. 

Video: DV4mobile - More Information!


24 December 2016

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Let's be honest, 2016 on the whole has been a pretty crappy year. We've lost so many talented people from the world of entertainment, TV and music. Everytime we switch on the news it is full of doom and gloom. Conditions for radio operators have been terrible. Solar cycle 24 was the worst for over 100 years and some say that cycle 25 will be worse still. 

Prices for new radio equipment have shot up in recent months at a time when sales are falling dramatically!!!! (Madness) They all cry it's due to Brexit and the fall in the value of the pound but the pound has regained over 50% of it's value and there's no sign of the prices coming back down!!!! (It's the familiar ROCKET & FEATHER effect... Prices go up like a rocket but come down like a feather!)

Conditions will continue to deteriorate right up until 2020 and are unlikely to pick up to decent levels until around 2024 by which time I truly feel that CB and Amateur radio could be on the brink of extinction!

I do hope I'm wrong but either way I suggest that we all make the most of this wonderful hobby of ours while we can and let us hope that 2017 brings some interesting conditions on the air!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Delboy!!!!

21 December 2016

20 December 2016

NEW: CB Radio Network Map

Since the UK legalisation of AM and SSB in 2014 a large number of 'Nets' have become established and it can be very difficult to remember the frequencies/modes/times etc.

So with that in mind we now have a 'CB Radio Network Map' which pinpoints the central locations of all the main nets in the UK and beyond.

You can visit the map by following this LINK

If you know of any nets which you would like to add to the map please send a message to me via my Twitter account @delboyonline 

or via my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/delboyonline

Please include as much detail as possible including CENTRAL LOCATION, DAY, TIME, FREQUENCY.

17 December 2016

Yet Another DMR - Kydera Easytalk CDM-550H

Another DMR radio seen online looking like the DV4Mobile. This one is the Kydera Easytalk CDM-550H.

Details are again a little bit sketchy:

Product Description

Packaging Details:By carton 

1*DMR Mobile car radio transceiver
1*DC Power Cable
2*Bracket Screw
1*Programming cable(optional) 
Delivery Detail:25-35 days after receiving payment (mass production) 

Specification of mobile digital ham radio 

Main features: 

Ø Privacy call
Ø Signalling
Ø Digital ID code
Ø Call log
Ø Contacts
Ø GPS (optional) 
Ø Remote sensing (optional) and State information

Main features for Analog mode 

Ø 2 tone/5 tone( Optional) 
Ø Scrambler
Ø Compandor

Main features for both Digital and Analogue mode 

Ø Kill
Ø Stun
Ø Receive
Ø Scan
Ø DTMF CODEL (Coder & Decoder) (Optional) 
Ø System setting
Ø TFF2.4"Display
Ø Individual calling
Ø General calling
Ø Group callings
Ø Analog/Digital mode switch
Ø FM radio
Ø Emergency alarm
Ø Man down(optional) 

Price is quoted as $398

IHSG Website Appears Online

A new website has appeared online for the 'International HAM Stores Group' which is a collaboration between Nevada, Waters & Stanton and InnovAntennas.

Not much to see at the moment but the site lists the partners and brands associated with this new group. 

Yaesu M-1 Microphone In Stock @ Nevada

Now in stock at Nevada, so if you have a bit of spare cash floating about and would like to spend a cool £595 on something that will only sound slightly better than a Cobra Dynamike, knock yourself out!


Seen on the net but not too much known about this radio as yet. Looks similar to the DVMobile radio seen earlier this year. 

Price quoted as: €216 (plus shipping/import duties)

3 Become 1 - Waters & Stanton, Nevada and InnovAntennas Join Forces!

In a statement on Facebook today Nevada Radio, Waters & Stanton and InnovAntennas have announced that they are joining forces:

"Three of the UKs leading Ham Radio retailers and manufacturers have come together to form the “International Ham Stores Group” which will operate from a combined showroom and distribution centre at Portsmouth from April 1st 2017. 

A ‘soft start’ migration to Portsmouth will commence for both Waters & Stanton and InnovAntennas from their current Hockley facility to Portsmouth in January 2017. This strategy is being employed to ensure a smooth transition with least disruption to day to day operations to ensure a seamless migration from a customers perspective.

The combined power of the three companies, Waters & Stanton, Nevada Radio and InnovAntennas, will undoubtedly make them Europe’s largest Amateur radio conglomerate. Spokesman for the group Justin Johnson G0KSC said “We are excited at the prospect of working in partnership, to bring new products and un-paralleled service to the Hobby Radio enthusiast and professional alike. We have ambitious plans for growth and new ideas to engage with our loyal customer base. We will also be appealing to new customers that may not have considered our individual group members in the past, adding value with the vastly increased product range that the “IHSG” group will offer.

The three companies will continue to trade under their own names, but combine resources for logistics, marketing, repairs and customer service which will streamline costs and overheads to provide a more competitive ‘one stop shop’ solution for our customers.

IHS Group will become the largest importer of hobby radio related products in the UK supplying Ham radio, CB Radio and Scanner Radio retailers along with major retailers including Maplin and Amazon. Professional and PMR services will also be focused upon by the newly formed Business Radio Division.

As a part of the planned growth, IHS are recruiting in many areas of the business from Antenna fabrication through to web management and logistics. Any radio enthusiast within commuting distance of Portsmouth that wants to be a part of the IHS story should forward CV’s to BeBest@IHSG.co.uk for more information on IHSG group and our proposed services and brands, write to IHSG@IHSG.co.uk"

I guess this sort of partnership is inevitable when retailers are struggling in an ever decreasing market. Costs are up and sales are down.

How long before we end up with just one or two 'big players' in the radio market?????

15 December 2016

Mac 'The Seahawk' / 26DT043 - R.I.P.

As 2016 draws to a close it is with a heavy heart that we hear of the passing of another North East CB radio legend.

Mac "The Seahawk" was a well known and popular breaker across Northumberland, Tyneside and beyond. From the early days of UK CB right up until very recently Mac's distinctive voice could be heard on the air. He was always keen to contribute to the conversations and was never shy of speaking his mind. Mac was a member of the Delta Tango group and had the callsign 26DT043. He spent a lot of his time DX-ing around the world. 

He will be missed by the gang on 'The Northumberland Net' and I'm sure he will never be forgotten!

Below is a short video of Mac talking to a Danish station on the mid band in 2007:

13 December 2016

NEW: President Andy / President Barry

Two new radios from President Electronics are shown in videos from Simon The Wizard (YouTube Link).

The President Andy:

- 40 channels AM / FM 
- 12 / 24 V
- Up/down channel selector
- Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
- Manual squelch and ASC
- Multi-functions LCD display
- S-meter
- Public Address
- ANL filter , NB 
- F function key
- Beep Function
- Roger Beep
- Mode switch AM / FM
- Preset programmable
- TOT (Time out timer)
- Front microphone plug
- External loudspeaker jack

The President Barry:

- 40 channels FM + FM UK 
- 12 / 24 V
- Up/down channel selector
- Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
- Manual squelch and ASC
- Multi-functions LCD display
- S-meter
- Public Address
- ANL filter 
- F function key
- Beep Function
- Roger Beep
- Mode switch FM + FM UK
- Preset programmable
- TOT (Time out timer)
- Front microphone plug
- External loudspeaker jack

Simon mentions the price which is currently unknown on these models. Let's be honest they are going to cost considerably more than they should. Both radios are 'basic' models at the bottom end of the radio market. These are essentially both the same radio, the Barry FM just has a couple of components missing from the board! 

The President Andy is a basic AM/FM radio along the lines of the sub £50 Albrecht AE6110(Which is a lovely little radio by the way).

The President Barry is a basic FM ONLY radio which in the UK at least will struggle to find ANY buyers so will be worth less than the Andy.

Looking at President's current range, a similar radio to the President Andy would be the President Teddy which sells for approx. £89 so maybe this is the sort of price range we'll be looking at with the Barry FM costing slightly less?????

President may be able to shave a little of this price as the new radios are made in China (Lower production costs).

I guess we will find out soon enough.  

They both look to be very nice little radios and no doubt will sell in certain markets but I don't see anything special for UK operators here.

12 December 2016

New President Trump CB Radio?

The New President Trump AM/FM CB Radio.....

Could it happen?

Should it happen?

Will the knobs drop off?

Will it build a wall around Mexico?

President McKinley Giveaway!

Who says they cant give them away????

Following on from the Lincoln 2 giveaway earlier this year President Electronics USA have announced that 1 lucky winner will receive a spanking new President McKinley on New Years Day in either the US or Canada.

So if you live in the US or Canada all you have to do is like the President Electronics USA Facebook page, reply to their post with "I'm In" and then share their post. 

More info about the radio can be found here: CLICK

7 December 2016

President McKinley EU???

    (Click to Enlarge)

With the release of the President McKinley USA in the next few days many operators in the UK and Europe are wondering if the radio could appear in EU format...

A search around the net uncovered the image above which appears to show the radio with FM and the EU name. It's probably a mock-up but with some small changes the radio could be developed for UK/EU use.

All that is required is the addition of FM Mode and the ability to switch between the EU CB Radio standards (Multi-Norm). Weather channels would need to be removed of course as they do not function outside the USA. 

So what do you think?

Would you like to see an EU version of the President McKinley???

In the meantime here's Simon The Wizards video of the McKinley USA in action:

You can read more about the radio on Simon's Blog: HERE

World Exclusive From The Wizard "President McKinley USA"


Simon takes a look at the new President McKinley.

Simon's other videos can be seen on his YouTube channel: HERE and you can visit his Blog: HERE

Upcoming Space Station Contact

Announced on the ARISS website is a planned contact with the International Space Station:

  • A telebridge via  IK1SLD with the Collège Jean Charcot, Saint Malo, France, is scheduled for Thu 2016-12-08 15:19:45 UTC 74 deg. This contact might be on the downlink of 437.525  MHz. The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be OR4ISS. The scheduled astronaut is Thomas Pesquet KG5FYG. 

Although this contact is with a station in France it should be heard across many parts of the UK/Europe. 

4 December 2016

Bishop Auckland Radio Rally 2016 (BARAC)

Thieves 'Using Car Key Jammers'

Seen on the BBC News website over the weekend....

I guess this isn't news to most of us, I would think that we all know someone who finds it funny to 'jam' car key fobs in car parks using their Baofeng handset and laugh as the car owner desperately tries to lock/unlock their car! Oh, What Fun!!!!

But it would appear that this 'pastime' has taken a turn for the worse as thieves are using radio transmitters to prevent car owners from locking their cars without their knowledge then simply opening the car doors and taking whatever they can find.

Not good, and something which could damage the reputation of radio users around the world. 

I'm sure that along with many other radio operators I have always thought that putting these car key fobs on a frequency which is in the middle of the 70cm Ham Band simply wasn't a good idea (The exact frequency can easily be found using a Google search). There was always going to be the potential for interference from licenced radio users if they were operating in the local vicinity and since the introduction of very cheap Chinese handhelds which are freely available to anyone I guess it was inevitable that this sort of thing would occur.

Anyway take a look at the article on the BBC website: CLICK HERE

2 December 2016

Eyeball Eyeball Good Buddy...

A message via Twitter from David Titlow:

"Hi - i am looking for old CB eyeball cards/badges for a project, I have lots from Suffolk but looking for further afield, any ideas?" 

So can you help David with scans/photos or actual badges and cards????

If so please contact him via Twitter, his account being @lowtit 

Nevada 10% Off!!!!!

Nevada have announced a 10% discount on ALL products (excluding special offers) for this weekend....

Existing special offers include:

Link to Nevada Website: CLICK HERE

30 November 2016

CB 27/81 Monthly Net

A few weeks ago UK CB radio celebrated 35 years of legal operation. Continuing the theme Charlie Tango and Transmission 1 forum members have arranged the 'CB27/81 Monthly Net', the first of which takes place this Sunday 4th December from 20:00 hours GMT. The frequency is 27.94125Mhz or channel 35 in old money!

The use of original 27/81 radios is recommended but not compulsory!

So why not dig out your old 27/81 radios and give it a whirl????

29 November 2016

The J-Pole - How Does It Work?

Video:YouTube/David Casler

Unraveling the mysteries of the J-Pole antenna...

FT 991A Review


W5KUB takes a look at the features on the FT-991A

25 November 2016

Ham radio smartphone! Outfone Rangerfone S15 Android VHF/UHF


Black Friday - NO THANKS!

It would appear that the Brits have given Black Friday a big 'thumbs down' when it comes to radio related deals if comments of various forums are to be believed.

Poor offers which came only weeks after massive price rises just wont cut it I'm afraid!

Some companies put prices up by 30% or more last month and offering 10% off for Black Friday still means that equipment is much more expensive than it was just weeks ago. 

I said at the time of the price rises that people should keep their cash in their pockets in protest and it looks like that is exactly what has happened.

Now let's see how long it takes for prices to come down again... Maybe some Xmas and New Year deals??????

One thing for sure, British radio operators have had enough of being screwed over......

... and have you seen the price rises on CB radio gear in the past few days? 

£279 for a President Grant 2 Premium - You're having a laugh!!!!!!

Nevada 10% Off TODAY ONLY!

More 'Black Friday Deals' - Nevada Radio are offering 10% off EVERYTHING when ordered by telephone today (excluding special offers)!


24 November 2016

Black Friday @ Thunderpole

More 'Black Friday deals', this time from Thunderpole:

Black Friday @ Waters & Stanton

Playing their cards close to their chest are Waters & Stanton with the 'Black Friday Hub' page ready but without details....

Another retailer who put prices up significantly last month.... Was it just so they could 'reduce' the prices for Black Friday???? Decide for yourself when their offers are shown on the website tomorrow...


Cyber Weekend @ ML&S

Now are we beginning to see why prices went up so much last month? So they could be 'reduced' again for Black Friday/Cyber Weekend?

Martin Lynch & Sons have some 'Cyber Weekend deals' on their website now if you are interested...

21 November 2016

Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)


A technology that promised so much but is yet to be widely adopted.....

Nevada Black Friday Deals!

Nevada have announced a selection of Black Friday deals which are available this week while stocks last....

Half Price President Himalaya Antenna... Now only £74.95


Yaesu FT-891 - £80 Nevada Gift Voucher


Ranger Superstar 3900 - Save £40 Now Only £129.95


All the Black Friday deals can be seen on the Nevada website: CLICK HERE

19 November 2016

Baofeng DM-5R How To Upgrade to Tier 2


Upgrading the Baofeng DM-5R to Tier 2... Well sort of........!!!!

16 November 2016

President McKinley - New Photos

President Electronics USA have published some new photos of the McKinley alongside the old favourite Cobra 148 GTL for a size comparison. 

(Click images to enlarge)

The new radio is expected to be available in the USA from December.

14 November 2016

69Mhz Activity Day in Sweden

News from Bertil 21CT022 is that in Sweden the 69Mhz VHF CB band is proving quite popular and there is an activity day on the first Friday each month 21:00-23:00 hours (Swedish time) which is 20:00-22:00 hours GMT. Calling generally takes place on 69.1875Mhz.

So if you have equipment which covers the 69Mhz band it may be a good idea to listen out for our Swedish friends.


13 November 2016

YAESU NEW FT-991A Colour Screen and Waterfall

Video:YouTube/Waters and Stanton

Waters and Stanton take a look at the new features on the Yaesu FT-991A.

12 November 2016

CRT 2000 Programming Software

Video:YouTube/Klaus R.

A quick look at the programming software for the CRT 2000.

11 November 2016

Presdient McKinley USA SSB 12/24V CB Radio

Video:YouTube/Group President Electronics USA

AM and SSB (No FM) this new radio from President costs $299 which is £238 or twice the cost of an Anytone 5555!!!!!

8 November 2016

ICOM IC-7610 First Details from Waters & Stanton

Video:YouTube/Waters and Stanton

Waters and Stanton are certainly touting for business in this promotional video for the new ICOM IC-7610.....

7 November 2016

CRT 2000 / Team Expert 1 Export Mod

Video:YouTube/Klaus R.

Got a CRT 2000 or Team Expert 1 - Here's how to enable export mode!

4 November 2016

1 November 2016

Reminder: The Big Net 2016

Celebrating 35 years of legal UK CB Radio on Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Main Net: CH35 UKFM (27.94125Mhz)

USB Calling: CH27 EU (27.275Mhz)

AM Calling: CH14 EU (21.125Mhz)

Nevada Announce Yaesu & Icom Price Rises

A self-explanatory post from the Nevada Radio Facebook page indicating that UK buyers face further price increases in the near future. 

So if you fancy some new gear it may be a good time to do it now before these price rises come into effect....!

28 October 2016

M0OGY Looks At The Anytone Apollo II


First 16 Channel PMR446 Appears Online

After some EU countries adopted the new 16 channel PMR446 standard recently the first new radio has appeared online on the Mass Electronik website.

Priced at €98.00 (£88) it certainly isn't the cheapest PMR radio out there but prices will certainly fall as other 16 channel radios become available over time.

Of course this is still 500mw output with integrated antenna but now with 16 channels instead of just 8. 


Further informaton can be found on the PMR446 page of this blog

  • 16 channels (PMR-446)
  • Standard programming including 8 old and 8 new PMR-446 frequencies
  • transmission power
  • 500 mW
  • Frequency range
  • 446,00625 - 446,19375 MHz
  • Features & Functions
    • LC multifunctional display with switchable lighting
    • Keyboard with switchable lighting
    • Channel or frequency display selectable
    • Simple 3 button operator guidance
    • CTCSS and DCS Pilots freely selectable (RX and TX)
    • Vox function (voice-controlled transmission) Sensitivity selectable in 9 levels
    • Scambler function - Voice fading (additional monitoring protection)
    • Monitor circuit for receiving very weak signals
    • switchable key lock
    • Channel scan (scan function)
    • CTCSS and DCS search
    • Preferred channel search
    • Rauschsperre adjustable via menu
    • Batteriesparfunction
    • Time out timer
    • Busy channel lockout
    • Button acknowledgment tone (can be switched off)
    • Programmable by PC for extended frequency range and transmission power (please observe the law)
    • Clone function via cloning cable.
    Power supply
  • 7,4V DC (Akkupack included)
  • Headset / microphone connection
  • Kenwood standard double jacks on the side of the unit (3.5 / 2.5mm)
  • Dimensions (mm), WxHxD
  • 56.5 x 245 x 32.7 (with antenna and rechargeable battery)
  • weight
  • 220g (with rechargeable battery)

  • RSGB Statement (Nightmare Neighbour)

    The RSGB have issued the following statement in relation to last nights Channel 5(UK) programme "Nightmare Neighbour Next Door' which featured a dispute between a HAM Radio operator and several elderly neighbours...

    "We work hard to build relationships with the media and often provide facts and help when programmes and articles featuring amateur radio are being prepared.

    Unfortunately, the RSGB was not invited to be part of Channel 5’s “Nightmare Neighbour Next Door” programme or to verify any facts. We have, of course, contacted Channel 5 about our concerns and have highlighted the positive aspects of amateur radio. We have also offered our expertise and input for future programmes where amateur radio is mentioned.

    Our volunteers spend a lot of time helping radio amateurs with planning applications. It is by putting forward facts during those processes that we can help to dispel myths about amateur radio and any impact on the public or environment.

    One of the best ways to counteract the public’s lack of understanding about amateur radio is to offer positive stories to the media. We are always looking for stories to share and will be very happy to help radio amateurs approach their local media too – please contact comms@rsgb.org.uk

    If we receive a response from Channel 5 we will share it with our Members"

    The TV programme can be watched by UK viewers online HERE

    27 October 2016

    Apollo II Lands At Dave's Door!

    Great news from Dave, M0OGY, who once again has managed to get his hands on a new radio. This time it's the Anytone Apollo II.

    Now we just have to wait for his review......!