29 June 2016

Yaesu FT-991 Only £839.95 @ Waters And Stanton!!!!

An even cheaper deal on the Yaesu FT-991 - Waters and Stanton are selling the radio for £919.95 

Take off the Yaesu £80 cash back and the final price you pay is only £839.95!!!

Link to Waters And Stanton Website: CLICK HERE

Yaesu FT-991 ONLY £869.95 @ Nevada

The deals on this fantastic radio just keep getting better and better. Nevada have the Yaesu FT-991 listed for £949.95 and now Yaesu offer £80 cashback making the final amount you pay an incredible £869.95!!!!!

Just think if you had bought this radio only 12 months ago it would have cost you about £450 more than it does today!!!!

Anyway heres the link to the Nevada website: CLICK HERE

25 June 2016

The Big Multimode Nets 2016

Just a reminder that on Monday 27th June 2016 stations across the UK (and Europe) will be on the air to celebrate 2 years of legal AM and SSB. 

It's hard to believe that 2 years have passed by already. SSB has proved to be very popular in many parts of the UK especially on the many 'Midweek DX' nets but I must say that AM is still very rarely used so here's your chance to get on the air and make some contacts!

AM calling will take place on Ch14 - 27.125MHZ
SSB(USB) calling will take place on Ch27 - 27.275MHZ 

Please remember to QSY from the calling channels when contact has been made. 

19 June 2016

6m Propagation - GM2T - 18/06/2016

GM2T (From: Cockenzie and Port Seton Amateur Radio Club) is located some 60 miles north of me. Initially heard talking to M0XVF who is located near Bishop Auckland at a distance of 85 miles from GM2T.

Click Images To Enlarge:

15 June 2016

Icom IC-7300 - CB Band Optional?

Browsing through the RadCom magazine and I noticed this on the Waters And Stanton advert:

Yes! -  According to Waters And Stanton they offer the option of 60m or 11m on the new Icom IC-7300. Are they really promoting the use of Amateur Radio equipment on 11 meters????

Of course we all know that many radios can be modified to cover additional frequencies and many operators do indeed use Amateur Radio sets on 11m but if this is not a misprint/error this would be the first time I have seen an advert openly offering to modify a radio for use on non-amateur frequencies......  

Wouxun KG-D901 DMR Digital Radio Preview

Video: YouTube/BuyTwoWayRadios

11 June 2016

Sugar Delta Group Adopt UK SSB Calling Channel!

With thanks to Roy (104ET001) for the information that the Sugar Delta Group has adopted the same SSB calling frequency as the UK:

Posted on the Sugar Delta Website:

"Hi All

After much debate with many of the HQ in the Group after what is still an on going problem in many divisions with the Radio Authorities regarding out of Legal band transitions we have decided that we should move the calling frequency to within Legal bands.

The new calling frequency for the Group will be: 27.275Mhz

This will protect our Members from prosecution in the divisions concerned and allow our family to operate and continue to enjoy the hobby.

The fight for the Frequencies we love so dear will continue with cooperation from ourselves with all other entities that are fighting to legalese what has become known as the free band and 555 frequency.

We can only do this as a Group if we are following our country authorities rules and regulations.

The Sugar Delta Group has always stated that we use our radios & equipment within the Legal Bands and to the countries laws and regulations and will not be responsible for our Members transmitting out of Bands that are deemed Illegal.

As from this day any future 0 /DX/IOTA or SD Group sponsored activity will ONLY be on Legal Frequencies, Calling from 27.275 and QSY.

With the Cycle being at its lowest and having no conditions for the DX i think that this is the right time to make a big change, at the end of the day if we advertise the frequencies we transmit on people we come if they want to work us.

One thing is for sure if we do nothing we will lose our most wanted and lose many members from the 11mtr community of which will be even worse for our hobby.

Look forward to see your feedback on this subject

Regards all"

Link to original page: CLICK HERE

8 June 2016

NEW - Wouxun KG-D901 DMR Handset!

Seen on Martin Lynch & Sons Facebook page:

"Gary has been playing with the prototype of the Wouxun KG-D901 DMR handheld. Honestly, it really does exist!"

There has been talk about this new DMR handheld from Wouxun for months and here it is the first photo of the radio 'in the wild'.

(Click Image To Enlarge)

I'm sure it will be a cracking little radio but as it's a SINGLE BAND radio (VHF OR UHF) I think that Wouxun have missed a trick. Most people, including myself, are waiting for a DUAL BAND DMR handheld.

VHF Version: 136 - 174MHz
UHF Version: 400 - 470MHz

Price: TBA (Has been seen on some sites listed for 299 Euros - This is way too much and will need to drop)

1 June 2016

Yaesu Radios - Now With 3 Year Warranty!

Martin Lynch & Sons have announced that all Yaesu radios now come with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY. This includes radios that have already been purchased!!!

Good news for all Yaesu owners or prospective Yaesu owners.

Link To ML&S Website: CLICK HERE