11 June 2016

Sugar Delta Group Adopt UK SSB Calling Channel!

With thanks to Roy (104ET001) for the information that the Sugar Delta Group has adopted the same SSB calling frequency as the UK:

Posted on the Sugar Delta Website:

"Hi All

After much debate with many of the HQ in the Group after what is still an on going problem in many divisions with the Radio Authorities regarding out of Legal band transitions we have decided that we should move the calling frequency to within Legal bands.

The new calling frequency for the Group will be: 27.275Mhz

This will protect our Members from prosecution in the divisions concerned and allow our family to operate and continue to enjoy the hobby.

The fight for the Frequencies we love so dear will continue with cooperation from ourselves with all other entities that are fighting to legalese what has become known as the free band and 555 frequency.

We can only do this as a Group if we are following our country authorities rules and regulations.

The Sugar Delta Group has always stated that we use our radios & equipment within the Legal Bands and to the countries laws and regulations and will not be responsible for our Members transmitting out of Bands that are deemed Illegal.

As from this day any future 0 /DX/IOTA or SD Group sponsored activity will ONLY be on Legal Frequencies, Calling from 27.275 and QSY.

With the Cycle being at its lowest and having no conditions for the DX i think that this is the right time to make a big change, at the end of the day if we advertise the frequencies we transmit on people we come if they want to work us.

One thing is for sure if we do nothing we will lose our most wanted and lose many members from the 11mtr community of which will be even worse for our hobby.

Look forward to see your feedback on this subject

Regards all"

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