27 December 2014

Active Soon: Christmas Island 217DA/0 Special Event

Be sure to listen out for the Delta Alfa Group special Christmas Island activation in the new year!

24 December 2014

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

It's been an interesting year, legalisation of AM/SSB after many years of campaigning which has brought a good number of new/returning users back to the airwaves. 

There are more radios and accessories available now than ever before in the history of cb radio! Some good, some not so good! But certainly no shortage of choices!

Band conditions, whilst not the best, have still allowed some amazing contacts!

Here's to another interesting year of radio next year!

And a personal milestone - Just today I've reached 8 MILLION visitors across the Delboy Network(Websites/YouTube/Blog etc) - WOW! Thanks for visiting my various sites, I hope I can continue to provide information and entertainment in the future. 

Who knows I may reach 10 MILLION visitors by next Xmas!!!!

Anyway best wishes to you all.


19 December 2014

The Big Net - 6 Months Of Legal AM/SSB In The UK!

Yes it's hard to believe but AM and SSB have been legal in the UK for almost 6 months. To celebrate 'The Big Net' will take place on Saturday 27th Dec from 7pm.
Calling will take place on Channel 27EU (27.275 USB) and Channel 14 (27.125 AM)
Please remember to QSY off the calling channels once contact has been made.

17 December 2014

President Grant II, UK/EU (CE-Multi) AM/FM/SSB CB Radio - Overview

Not sure how I missed this excellent video about the President Grant 2, but here it is!

As you will see the Grant 2 has an exceptionally sensitive receive which may explain why some people get those mystery static bursts!

I have had my Grant 2 for best part of a year and I'm very pleased with the way it performs.

14 December 2014

Anytone/Maas/Intek/K-PO Channel-VFO Mod!

A very interesting video has surfaced showing a modified Anytone radio which appears to have a free running VFO. 

Video: YouTube/Klaus R.

I'm sure that there are many Anytone users who would be interested to see how this works!

9 December 2014

CRT 'MIKE' Now Available From Knights!

  • Multiband - covers all European bands
  • Full 4Watts output
  • AM/FM  (where legal)
  • Aluminum body for better cooling
  • Remote microphone with LCD display (with wide viewing angle)
  • 3 colours display : blue, purple, orange
  • DW : dual watch
  • Automatic Scan
  • Channel CH9 / 19
  • Manual or automatic squelch (ASQ)
  • Filters NB/ANL
  • RF Gain
  • LCD backlight control (brightness)
  • 4 memory channels
  • Squech level display
  • Volume level display
  • Voltage display
  • Signal strength display
  • Automatic or manual power on
  • TOT : Time Out Timer
  • Key lock
  • Channel or Freqency display

5 December 2014

OFCOM- Changes To Amateur Radio Licence!

Ofcom have now made a decision on changes to the Amateur radio licencing conditions:


GOOD NEWS: Amateur operators to get 470Khz and 5MHz as standard without the need for an N.O.V.

BAD NEWS: Relaxation of how often callsigns are to be given! - Relaxing the need to identify your station will simply encourage illegal use of the bands and make Amateur Radio less distinctive from CB radio. 

(Click To Enlarge)

CB Radio on BBC Radio 2 - Drivetime 04/12/2014 - Thunderpole Bob

CB radio featured on BBC Radio 2 (04/12/14). Simon Mayo talks to Andy Barker from Thunderpole!

Video: YouTube/Chris TheHulk

4 December 2014

Alinco DR-135UK 10m SSB

A quick listen to the Alinco DR-135UK on 10m SSB. 

The radio shows that it is closely related to the President Lincoln 2 - SSB audio sounds a little overloaded at times (Improved by reducing the RF Gain a little). However the radio generally performs well with some excellent outgoing audio reports!

1 December 2014

Alinco DR-135UK (CRE8900) Unboxing

So my Alinco DR-135UK arrived this afternoon from Nevada Radio.

First impressions are good.

More soon!