28 June 2014

UK Legal CB Radio: AM v's SSB

So we are only 48 hours into legal AM/SSB in the UK and two things are already standing out:

1 - The response to the 'Big Multimode Nets' has been fantastic!

2- The weapon of choice has been USB!

So a quick look around YouTube and there are lots of fine examples of AM/SSB contacts which have been made since legalisation on 27th June. Many more contacts have been reported on the various radios forums. 

The number of stations who stayed up until midnight to see in the new legal operating modes was quite frankly, astounding. Well done one and all!

Upper Side Band has proved to be the most used operating mode with 9 out of 10 contacts being on this mode. Many operators commented that AM just wasn't good enough  to handle all the modern day interference. 

The new calling channels (14 for AM and 27 for USB) proved their worth by giving everyone an easy place to find contacts. In many places channel 27 was literally swamped with stations. (Please remember to QSY off the calling channel once contact has been made)

We've waited for a long time to see this happen and it's here at last. Keep up the good work folks!

26OK039: 1st Call on 27.275 USB Day of leglisation in the UK

M0OGY - Legal AM/SSB CB Radio (27/06/14)

UK CB Radio Servicing Take A Look At The Grant 2

26 June 2014

UK CB Radio: AM/SSB Legal From Midnight Tonight!

Yes it's true folks, AM and SSB will be legal in the UK from midnight tonight!!!!

Many thought it would never happen but here we are on the verge of legality!!!!

I'd just like to thank all of those who have fought tirelessly for many years to achieve this remarkable milestone in UK CB Radio history - You know who you are!

25 June 2014

President Grant 2 - UPDATED Firmware

A video of the latest version of the President Grant 2 which now has UK40FM and CEPT40 (Multimode) accessible without having to change the country code. 

23 June 2014

Charlie Tango Extreme - AM Event!

Gary, CTX104 is planning an EXTREME DX event on Friday 27th June to celebrate the legalisation of AM in the UK. Details can be found on the Charlie Tango Forum:

Make sure you listen out for Gary and give him a shout!

22 June 2014

Cobraman Takes An Enthusiastic Look At Legal AM/SSB

Cobraman takes an enthusiastic look at Legal AM/SSB!

Of course the old AM/SSB radios WILL NOT be legal but I very much doubt that anyone will be put off using them!

If you wish to be 100% legal you will need a new radio such as the President Grant 2 or Albrecht AE5890EU.

19 June 2014

Video: The Big Multimode Nets - Legal UK AM/SSB CB Radio

Price Drop - Alinco DR-135DX Only £159.95

Nevada Radio are now selling the Alinco DR-135DX for only £159.95

A cracking little radio and certainly a bargain at this price.

I may be tempted myself!

More Information: Click Here

President Grant II - 2 April 14 on the 10 Metre Net

The President Grant 2 sounding good on 10m!

One Four A Copy!
Legalisation Breathes New Life Into Old Radios!

Videos posted on Youtube and the Charlie Tango Forum: LINK

Blog: Top Ten Countries For Visitors

The Blog has proved to be very popular across the world and I thank all my visitors for taking the time to read my little corner of the world wide web!

Here are the top ten visiting countries to the Blog as of 19th June 2014:

01   United Kingdom

02   United States

03   Netherlands

04   Germany

05   Spain

06   Sweden

07   France

08   Hungary

09   Russia

10   Poland

17 June 2014

After more than 30 years of waiting, OFCOM have just announced that AM and SSB modes will be legal in the UK from 27th June 2014

Full statement from OFCOM: CLICK HERE

The Big Multimode Nets!

Celebrating LEGAL AM/SSB CB Radio In The UK!

A Nation Awaits!

Is today going to be THE day that OFCOM announces the AM/SSB legalisation date?

10 June 2014

Legal AM/SSB In The UK
OFCOM Announcement Due NEXT WEEK!

With thanks to Dave, M0OGY, news has come from OFCOM who say that an announcement on legal AM/SSB in the UK will be made NEXT WEEK! (Commencing 16/06/2014)

This has been a long time coming and some have thought that it would never happen, but here we are only a week away from getting a legalisation date.

Once the date is announced a series of AM and SSB nets will be announced to celebrate this historic moment in CB radio history. 

8 June 2014

Baofeng Rebrand - Now It's Pofung!

The company who brought us the Baofeng series of radios has now rebranded its international name as Pofung. 

A spokesman for the company claims that the name change is partly due to the fact that most people find it difficult to pronounce BAOFENG and they feel that POFUNG is easier to pronounce!!!!

The Pofung brand will gradually replace the Baofeng brand over the next few months in international markets, however the Baofeng name will remain in China. 

What do you think?

Is Pofung better than Baofeng?

7 June 2014

14VB48 Bruce - Talking To Betty (North East England)

A short clip of Bruce 14VB48 (20 miles North of Paris) on channel 38UKFM. Received on the President Grant 2.

Just before making this short clip I spoke to Bruce for over 20 minutes. His signal was very strong, 30+ at times!!!

6 June 2014

Albrecht AE5890EU Gets Update!

A message from Dave, 26CT455, telling me that the Albrecht AE5890EU has had an update. A few minor changes to the way the radio works including a way to easily switch the radio from EXPORT mode to LEGAL mode.

When the radio has been put into EXPORT mode (By moving a jumper inside the radio) you can now quickly return the radio to LEGAL Mid Band only by pressing and holding down button 2 for 3 seconds. Then do exactly the same to return to EXPORT mode!

An interesting development which makes this radio even more attractive.

Dave reports that he bought his radio from Nevada Radio who currently have the radio in stock.

5 June 2014

Nevada Have President Lincoln 2 - VERSION 3 In Stock

Nevada now have the latest version of the Lincoln 2 in stock and for sale at £249.95

3 June 2014

UK Pre-Legal SSB - Activity Reported!
I have received reports, and indeed have heard myself, an increase in activity on the UK SSB mid-band calling channel. It would appear that the word is spreading across the UK and beyond. 
Channel 27(27.275MHz) has seen quite a bit of USB activity over the past few weeks with many UK stations calling for contacts and stations from Sweden, France, Holland, Germany and Italy also heard trying to contact UK stations. Stations appear to be calling on channel 27 and then they QSY up or down a few channels. A regular station calling from the South Coast of the UK has been heard calling on 27 then moving to channel 30 where he has been making lots of contacts around the UK and Europe.
This is a very encouraging start so get yourself onto channel 27 (27.275MHz) and have a listen. When SSB becomes legal (Probably next month) give a call out and see who you get! To those of you who already have legal SSB why not give it a try now!