28 June 2014

UK Legal CB Radio: AM v's SSB

So we are only 48 hours into legal AM/SSB in the UK and two things are already standing out:

1 - The response to the 'Big Multimode Nets' has been fantastic!

2- The weapon of choice has been USB!

So a quick look around YouTube and there are lots of fine examples of AM/SSB contacts which have been made since legalisation on 27th June. Many more contacts have been reported on the various radios forums. 

The number of stations who stayed up until midnight to see in the new legal operating modes was quite frankly, astounding. Well done one and all!

Upper Side Band has proved to be the most used operating mode with 9 out of 10 contacts being on this mode. Many operators commented that AM just wasn't good enough  to handle all the modern day interference. 

The new calling channels (14 for AM and 27 for USB) proved their worth by giving everyone an easy place to find contacts. In many places channel 27 was literally swamped with stations. (Please remember to QSY off the calling channel once contact has been made)

We've waited for a long time to see this happen and it's here at last. Keep up the good work folks!