28 September 2019

Inside Hamfest - Newark 2019


Taking a wander around this years National Hamfest at Newark here in the UK....

23 September 2019

International Space Station Contact 23/09/2019

International Space Station Contacts 23rd/24th September 2019

Two Amateur Radio contacts this week with the International Space Station:

OR4ISS (Nick Hague KG5TMV) - 89 deg - (TB) ON4ISS (NIH, Bethesda, MD)
WhenMon, September 23, 20:08 – 20:19 GMT (21:08 - 21:19 BST)
WhereThe Children’s Inn at NIH (National Institutes of Health), Bethesda, MD 
DescriptionAOS: 20:08:27 GMT
RX: 145.800 MHz - FM over Europe

OR4ISS (Nick Hague KG5TMV) - 86 deg - (TB) IK1SLD (Boulder, CO)
WhenTue, September 24, 17:43 – 17:54 GMT (18:43 - 18:54 BST)
WhereUniversity of Colorado Amateur Radio Club, Boulder, CO 
DescriptionAOS: 17:43:20 GMT
RX: 145.800 MHz - FM over Europe  

22 September 2019

Wouxun KG-UVN1 DMR Radio Review


Dave takes a look at the new Wouxun KG-UVN DMR handheld radio.... 


  • 3072 Channels
  • 250 Zones
  • 255 Receiving Groups
  • 160,000 Contacts
  • Full RadioID.net Contact Database Preloaded
  • 144-148 MHZ VHF Amateur Frequencies
  • 420-450 MHz UHF Amateur Frequencies
  • Built-in CTCSS/DCS
  • 5W VHF/4W UHF Output Power
  • Repeater Capable
  • Uses Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Packs
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack Included
  • Includes Charger
  • Emergency Alarm
  • VOX
  • Encryption (Digital Mode Only)
  • Private Call/Group Call/All Call
  • Text Messaging (Digital Mode)
  • Flashlight
  • Channel Scan
  • Priority Scan
  • ARTS Function
  • LED Status Light
  • Color LCD Display
  • Lighted DTMF Keypad
  • Hi/Low Power Selectable
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • Battery Meter
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Battery Saver
  • 3 Programmable Multi-function Keys
  • PC Programmable (Optional Software and Cable Required)
  • Timeout Timer
  • Keypad Lock
  • Audible Button Beeps
  • FM Radio
  • Tail Elimination
  • Lone Worker
  • Drop-In Charge Capable
  • Audio Accessory Connector
  • TDMA
  • DMR
  • Tier I & II Compatible
  • Independent Programming in VFO/CH Modes
  • Radio Program Password
  • Menu Encryption
  • Menu Hide
  • Stun/Kill/Activate
  • Reset
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty


Dave looks at the JIL SX-200 Radio Scanner....

Retevis RT98 Mobile UHF Transceiver

Video:YouTube/Ringway Manchester

Lewis, M3HHY, takes a look at this tiny little radio from Retevis...

The North East Net 18/09/2019


All of the action from The North East Net on 18/09/2019....

19 September 2019

President Taylor IV @ Knights

Doug @ Knights here in the UK has announced that the new President Taylor IV is now in stock, priced at £159.00



-  AM / FM
- Channel rotary switch
- Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
- Manual squelch and ASC
- Multi-function LCD display
- Frequency display
- Analogue S/RF vu-meter
- ANL / NB / HI-CUT filters
- Mode switch AM / FM
- Scan
- Public Address
- Talkback
- 2 x Preset (emergency) Channels (EMG 1/2)
- Key beep
- Roger beep
- Mic type selection electret / dynamic
- F function key
- SWR (Power Reading /SWR)
- Front microphone socket
- External loudspeaker jack (3.5mm)
- USB 5V 2.1A

17 September 2019

The Big Net 2019


News of an event to help promote the use of Amplitude Modulation on the Amateur Radio bands:


Operating Event on the HF Amateur Bands Using The AM Mode.

Saturday 25th January 2020 - 06:00 UTC

Sunday 26th January - 12:00 UTC
Organised by the
AM Amateur Radio Europe Facebook Group

As we all know, AM is a very underused mode these days and it's great to see people promoting and encouraging it's use.

14 September 2019

26CTX2500 Activation


Some more UK hilltop DX action from The North West Net including a contact with 68PD116 in Belfast, and the President Grant 2 is sounding great!

Fog On The Tyne Radio Rally 2019

A video from today's 'Fog On The Tyne Radio Rally'....

13 September 2019

Thunderpole T-3000 Review

Video:YouTube/RustySkull Productions

Here's Ben with the first review of the new Thunderpole T-3000 radio....

8 September 2019

The Big Net 2019 - It's Coming!

World Trade Center Special Event Station

Information via Facebook:

"The Wireless Association Of New York City will operate special event station WA2NYC September 6 to September 12, 0000Z-0300Z. Frequencies used will be on or near 28.450, 21.350, 14.3xx, 7.238 MHz +/- QRM.

This station will remember the 18th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. We remember the over twenty nine hundred people that lost their lives on that day. Confirmation QSL available for QSO/SWL via Wireless Association Of New York City, 233 Wolverine Street, Staten Island, NY 10306"

7 September 2019

Alzheimer's Charity Custom Build Radio

Truly heartwarming news from Chris 163DT307 via the Transmission1 Forum (Link) here in the UK who is raising money for charity with help from some of the UK's finest operators:

"Alzheimer's Charity Build........

Let me say I am just blown away from the behind the scenes conversations I have had today.....the idea I had was to donate this Madison, eBay it off to the highest bidder and give the money to the Alzheimer's charity. This is not going to be a normal build and is not my point to build an all singing and dancing Madison, it's to give a little time and effort and to do something that has never been done before and probably never will again. The radio is not about the mods the looks etc but whats gone into this radio that counts. The radio is going to be blessed with some of the best and the brightest and kindest people I can muster and some one will end up with a one of a kind custom radio worked on by the best.

Anyone that touches the radio will sign and date the face-plate.

So far and more to be added.....

DT307... donation of radio and costs of shipping the radio all around the UK several times and any costs involved for work (not asking anyone to do it for free ) and my signature Madison counter install.

Nick AKA BLACKSPIRIT.........signature UK pic chip install and setup the radio

MARC AKA MAD MARC .........PSU guru and will refurbish the PSU.

Rob .........PCB guy ...... will design and etch a custom multiplex filter board for counter.

Ted... graphics guy .........new graphic so all the controls say what they do and not what they used to... also to help me with some of the design.

Alan AKA MERLIN ......offered his assistance.

THE-SHACK......offered his assistance.

DAVE AKA CUBWOLF.........signature Hy-Gain V beep install

Dave M0OGY review guy....will review the finished radio and post on his YouTube channel and explain all about the radio who did what etc.


But I am done with my part and she will be starting her travels in the next week.

Guys I am so thankful to all my fellow techs/radio friends, you guys are awesome and bottom line its for a good cause and proud of all of you for helping me with this."

The UK certainly has some of the finest, kindest and most helpful operators and this is a story we are sure to return to in the future so keep checking back for updates and also check out the Transmission1 forum. 

6 September 2019

50 Years of Nevada

Congratulations to Nevada Radio here in the UK, who celebrated 50 Years of business today!