30 November 2015

Martin Lynch and Sons Christmas Video!

Video: YouTube/MLandSshop

The 'HEX' - SSB Net!

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'Hilltoppers and Extreme Ground Wave DX'ers Winter SSB Net!!!!'

27.405 (Ch 40 mid band) USB from 18:00 hours on 19/12/2015

More info on the Charlie Tango Forum: CLICK HERE

29 November 2015

27 November 2015

24 November 2015

President Grant 2 ONLY £149.99 - Nevada Black Friday Deal!

Predicted by many as a possible Black Friday deal and here it is - Nevada have the President Grant 2 (Not Premium) on sale for only £149.99.

You can see this deal along with others on the Nevada website: CLICK HERE

Martin Lynch and Sons Cheeky BLACK FRIDAY Video!

23 November 2015

Shack In A Box!

Video: YouTube/Wow Sly

An interesting project for sure.....!
Charlie Tango Extreme AM Net Saturday 28th November 2015

Those intrepid guys from Charlie Tango Extreme have announced their latest AM net. Taking place on Saturday 28th November from 18:00 - 21:00 hours.

Calling will take place on the UK AM calling channel - 27.125Mhz Ch.14 Mid Band then QSY to a clear frequency.

Give a shout! Nice bit of AM, just like the old days!

18 November 2015

World Radiocommunication Conference Approves Global 60 Meter Allocation! (5MHz)

Agreement at last on the 60m (5Mhz) band with a small global allocation of 5351.5 - 5366.5Mhz with a tiny output power of 15 watts EIRP.

For more on this story follow the link below.


15 November 2015

President Grant II Premium with DSP!

Video: YouTube/Klaus R.

So here we have a President Grant 2 Premium with a DSP board fitted. An interesting idea for sure but as the cost of the radio plus the cost of the DSP unit plus time and cost of having it fitted comes to about the same as the price of a Yaesu FT817 I can't see this catching on!