28 May 2015

The slumbering Sporadic E season has awoke today!

UK40, Freeband and CEPT full of European/UK Skip!

27 May 2015

South Africa Gets New 8M Band!

The Big Net! - A Year of Legal UK AM/SSB
Saturday 27th/Sunday 28th June 2015

It's hard to believe but it's almost a year since AM/SSB were legalised here in the UK.

Regular SSB nets have sprung up in many parts of the UK and are proving very popular. Due to interference problems AM has not proved so popular but there are still a few stations who like the challenge of making contacts on this mode.

So get yourself to the top of your nearest hill and give out a call.

Calling will take place on ch14 (AM) and ch27 (USB) - Please remember to QSY when contact is made.

Best of luck!