14 July 2019

President McKinley EU Adjustments

Below we have the various adjustments on the new President McKinley EU radio..... 





11 July 2019

Walliemania 2020

The Somerset Wallies are some of the most well known CB operators in the UK and they have planned a reunion which will take place on 29th-31st May 2020.

"Please be informed that Walliemania 2020 will take place at Camerton Community Hall, Meadgate Camerton Bath. Gate's open on Friday May 29th at 12 noon, and close on Sunday May 31st 2020 at 12 noon. Everyone who is coming with camper, tent, caravan, fee per night is £15. We have created a special e-mail address for all correspondence, information, booking: waliemania2020@gmail.com 

So let us know please via this mail address that you are interested or coming, so we can keep track. 

More information will follow as we go along . 

Block the dates in your agenda, and hopefully see you all there.

Best 73's & 51's - Al & Viv"

For more information please visit their Facebook page: HERE

8 July 2019

Apollo 11 Special CB Radio Activation

News from Stuart on Facebook about an upcoming special AM activation here in the UK....

"On the 20th July 1969 man first stepped onto the moon.

To mark this epic feet of science & engineering, some of the AMC crew will be out to honour their achievements with a special NET starting at 11pm on Ch11 - 27.085 AM.

We hope you can join us."

For more information check out their Facebook page: CLICK HERE

2 July 2019

NEW Charlie Tango Forum

The Charlie Tango Group have a new forum so why not join up and take a look?

This long-standing and popular DX group have decided to move to a new forum which has a nice clean and simple look to it making it much easier to navigate, especially on mobile devices.

You can find their new forum HERE

Please note that both new and existing Charlie Tango members will need to create a new account, your old log-in details won't work on their own. You can still use your old log-in details if you wish but must you must create a new account first.

28 June 2019

UK CB Radio Anniversary - 5 Years Of Legal AM and SSB

It's difficult to believe that FIVE YEARS have passed since the legalisation of AM and SSB here in the UK. Over that time regular nets have sprung up and are more popular than ever. 

Myself, I was out mobile at a local high point trying out the new President McKinley EU. I made 7 contacts on the SSB calling channel 27.275 USB, which is pretty good up here in the North East and I was able to hear many more stations calling but wasn't able to contact them due to only having 12 watts output on the McKinley.

I also called into the North East Net and spoke to several stations around Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Durham and Yorkshire.

Reports online seem to suggest that many hundreds of stations were active across the country. 

If you were one of them or if you've got an old CB radio tucked away in the cupboard, why not take part in the next big UK CB Radio event on 2nd November 2019 when we celebrate THIRTY EIGHT years of legal CB Radio! (Yes 38 years!)

25 June 2019

CB Radio Skip - President McKinley EU

5 Years Of Legal AM/SSB

Just a reminder that this Thursday the 27th of June 2019 is the 5th Anniversary of the legalisation of AM and SSB here in the UK.

To celebrate, stations right across the UK will be on the air from 18:00 hours BST on the mid-band (26.965 - 27.405). There will be organised nets in many parts of the country and stations are encouraged to use the UK calling channels when looking for contacts outside the organised nets:

AM Calling on channel 14 - 27.125
USB Calling on channel 27 - 27.275

(Please QSY off the calling channels once contact has been made)

So make sure you are on the air this Thursday as it will your best chance of making new contacts which will hopefully lead to more activity on the bands in the future. 

Later in the year on 2nd November 2019 we will also have a celebration for the 38th Anniversary of legal CB in the UK. One giant nationwide net will take place on channel 38 UKFM (27.97125)

President McKinley EU - Menu Settings

24 June 2019

President McKinley EU CB Radio Unboxing

Well I took the plunge and got myself a new President McKinley EU - After all, it does have SSB, and that's exactly what we like here in the UK!

Now, I've made no secret that I think the radio was overpriced at £279, and I felt a price point nearer £229 would be more reasonable so after a bit of digging around I found one at a price I was happy to pay. Delivery took 7 days, so it was on a slow boat from China (Or in this case Vietnam) but that's the trade off for a cheaper price. The price has started to fall since I ordered this radio and I've now seen it advertised on the Nevada website for £249

Watch out for more videos in the coming weeks but so far I'm happy with the radio. Audio is excellent on AM and SSB with FM audio being a little low (In common with most modern radios) but my trusty old Cobra Dynamike Plus soon sorted that out.

Output power is bang on 4 watts on AM/FM but again in common with several modern radios, the SSB output power appears to be a little low (Around 8 watts). Still most people will run their radios into an amplifier these days, so not a big problem.

More to come soon.....

Inside The President McKinley EU - First Photos

Here we have the first photos of the inside of the new President McKinley EU (You can click the images to enlarge them)

As you can see the radio is packed full of components and there are plenty of adjustment pots should the need arise.

And here is the President McKinley EU EXPORT MOD (Do at your own risk)

20 June 2019

President McKinley EU - PRICE DROP @ Nevada

I've said right from the start that the McKinley EU was overpriced but it now looks like the price is heading in the right direction as Nevada announce a price drop to £249.95

They guarantee they have the lowest UK price on this radio.

18 June 2019

SSB On The 305


Some DX action on the 305 net here in the UK....

13 June 2019

Ranger RCI-63FFD4 Tune-up Report

Video:YouTube/Bells CB

Yes that's 500 watts PEP out the back of this radio.....!

Manufacturers Specifications:

*New Final Amplifier Design...

*400 Watts PEP Output Power
*RT-1 mosfet transistors
*Variable RF Power Control
*6 Digit Frequency Counter
*New Smoke Chrome Front Panel
*Heavy Duty, High Power Heatsink
*S/RF/SWR Front Panel Meter
*Real Channel Selector Control
*SRA-198 Chrome Noise Cancelling *Mic Included
*Variable Echo and Talk Back Controls
*Dimmer Switch
*Cool Blue LED Channel Display
*4pin Front Panel Mic Jack

Price: $539 (Equivalent to £425) 

President McKinley €269

The price steadily falls for this new radio with it being in stock now at Rapace Telecom in France for €269 which equates to £239

The only major UK dealer to announce a price has it £279 but the radio has been seen online for around £239 so maybe this is the price it will settle at for now.

Look forward to the 'Black Friday' deals later in the year and it may just go sub £200??????? Hint Hint!

Link: Click Here

11 June 2019

President McKinley EU @ Rigsearch


Jon from Rigsearch has his hands on one of the first President McKinley EU radios. Bought from Jabber Products (Cost believed to be around £255).

Prices are certainly beginning to fall on this new radio. Many potential buyers believe that the early prices are simply far too high. Yes, they are happy to pay a small premium for a great radio but as I've said before I feel a price point below £250 and possibly nearer £229 would be about right.  I have seen a small number of radios on eBay for under £250 and i think that it will be these sellers who see the most sales. 

In any event enjoy Jon's video and I look forward to many more McKinley videos in the coming weeks.

Hopefully people will get their hands on their new radios in time to celebrate FIVE YEARS of legal AM and SSB in the UK on 27th June....

10 June 2019

International Space Station Contact 08/06/2019

International Space Station Contact 08/06/2019

Nick Hague, KG5TMV talking to participants at House Of Children Youth, Olomouc, Czech Republic on Saturday 8th June 2019 at 13:05GMT.

Contact was direct between OR4ISS and OK2KWX in the Czech Republic.

Downlink signals were heard on 145.800 MHz across large parts of Europe.

6 June 2019

PRESIDENT McKINLEY Review (GoTechnique)


Another look at the President McKinley EU, this time in French... For those who don't speak french, I'm sure you'll still be able to follow whats going on!

5 June 2019

President McKinley EU £279 @ Knights

So Knights are the first to put a UK price to the President McKinley EU... £279

At the top end of the rumours, this may just kill this radio stone dead. What do you think????

I think we need a price more around £229 then people will be more interested.

4 June 2019

President McKinley EU Soon!

Jabber Products (Formerly RadioZing) here in the UK have announced the imminent arrival of the President McKinley EU

So get your wallets ready if you fancy this radio.

2 June 2019

President McKinley EU CB Radio Final Thoughts


Dave gives us his final thoughts on the new President McKinley EU....

The radio should be available from dealers in the coming week or two. In my opinion, how well it sells will depend a great deal on the price.....

President Walker II FCC


A look at the FCC version of the Walker II. 

I find it interesting that the EXPORT jumper and white wire are present in this radio.... Maybe someone can tell me if cutting the wire and moving the jumper has any effect in this version of the radio when, as we all know, they are very strict with regards to the sale of export CB radios in the US. 

1 June 2019

President McKinley First UK Contact!


Another video from Dave showing the new President McKinley EU in action....

My initial thoughts.. I think it's sounding very good. Taking Dave's local PLT noise into account the audio on SSB sounds really good and certainly a big improvement on the Lincoln 2 and possibly the Grant 2 as well. Personally I'm not a big fan of it's looks, I'm not keen on the front facing speaker. Don't get me wrong it's a great idea for mobile operation especially if the radio is mounted in the dash, but for home base I'd prefer just to use an external speaker and have more space on the front of the radio for switches and buttons, and maybe a larger display. 

The fascia and controls look a little cheap to me, but I guess they are! 

In common with most modern stuff they are made to a very tight budget so this is to be expected and I don't suppose they are any worse than controls on some modern Ham Radio sets. 

However, the most important thing is how the radios performs and Dave's video appears to show there's nothing to worry about in that respect. There would be little point in making a beautiful radio that performed poorly!

31 May 2019

President McKinley EU EXPORT MOD

A quick look at the video review which Dave M0OGY has posted on YouTube reveals the President McKinley EU Export Mod - Inline with many other President radios it involves cutting a white wire and moving a jumper. 

In export mode the radio covers 24.710 - 30.110 MHz with an increased output power of around 20 watts.

Something of interest is the number of adjustment pots on the board... We had been told that there wouldn't be any but that's certainly not the case 😁

You can watch Dave's video here: CLICK

President McKinley EU Review By M0OGY......Part 1


Well here it is folks, another World First from Dave, M0OGY.... Part 1 of the new President McKinley EU review.

President have certainly taken their time with this one, it could be a big hit but as I've said for a long time, it will all depend on the price. 

Expect dealers in the EU to have the radio in the coming weeks.

30 May 2019

Dave Gets The First President McKinley EU

Dave, M0OGY, has posted this image of him holding the first President McKinley EU to arrive in the UK. In fact I believe it to be a world first showing off a final production unit.

He says he'll be testing the radio over the coming days so expect some interesting videos soon.

Fingers crossed that President have made a good job of this one, they've certainly spent a lot of time developing it.

27 May 2019

Montgomery Ward 719 AM/SSB CB Radio


Another video from Dave, M0OGY, taking a look at a CB radio of yesteryear, the Montgomery Ward 719, during the recent spell of activity on the 11m band.

Dave also fires up his FT-840, looks at his antennas and some more old radio sets. Interesting stuff for sure....

22 May 2019

Dave (M0OGY) Visits ETSI

Looks like Dave (M0OGY), a man with his finger on the pulse, has been on his travels again with this post on Facebook....

"Today I attended the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) meeting in Sheffield with Oscar Espallargas the Chairman of the European Citizens' Band Federation.

They publish standards for radio equipment including DMR,TETRA ,Trunking,Citizens' Band, Amateur Radio too. 

I met some really decent people today and it was very interesting"

20 May 2019

FT-DX101D Dealer Demonstration by Yaesu UK


The first Yaesu UK demonstration of the FT-DX101D at a dealer's premises took place at Portsmouth in the warehouse location jointly occupied by Waters & Stanton Ltd and Nevada Radio.

17 May 2019

Yaesu FT3D UK Price Revealed

Word on the street is that the new Yaesu FT3D handheld will come in at around £379.95

Frequency Ranges: 

A(Main) Band RX: 0.5 - 1.8MHz (AM Broadcast) 
1.8 - 30MHz (SW Band) 
30 - 76MHz (50MHz HAM) 
76 - 108MHz (FM Broadcast) 
108 - 137MHz (Air Band) 
137 - 174MHz (144MHz HAM) 
174 - 222MHz (VHF TV) 
222 - 420MHz (GEN1) 
420 - 470MHz (430MHz HAM) 
470 - 800MHz (UHF Band) 
800 - 999.90MHz (GEN2, USA Cellular Blocked) 
B(Sub) Band RX: 108 - 137MHz (Air Band) 
137 - 174MHz (144MHz HAM) 
174 - 222MHz (VHF) 
222 - 420MHz (GEN1) 
420 - 470MHz (430MHz HAM) 
470 - 580MHz (UHF Band) 
TX: 144 - 148MHz, 430 - 450MHz 
Circuit Type: NFM/ AM:Double-Conversion Superheterodyne 
FM /AM Radio: Direct-Conversion 
Modulation Type: F1D, F2D, F3E, F7W 
RF Power Output: 5W/ 2.5W/ 1W/ 0.3W (@ Battery pack or EXT DC) 
Memory Channels: 1256 
Waterproof Rating: IPX5 
Case Size(W x H x D): 2.44"x 3.94"x 1.28" (62 x 100 x 32.5 mm)w/ SBR-14LI, w/o Knob & Antenna 
Weight: 9.95oz (282 g) w/ SBR-14LI and Antenna

15 May 2019

Yaesu FT3D - More Information

Further to my earlier post, Yaesu have now released official information about the upcoming FT3D handheld radio.....

Frequency Ranges: 

A(Main) Band RX: 0.5 - 1.8MHz (AM Broadcast) 
1.8 - 30MHz (SW Band) 
30 - 76MHz (50MHz HAM) 
76 - 108MHz (FM Broadcast) 
108 - 137MHz (Air Band) 
137 - 174MHz (144MHz HAM) 
174 - 222MHz (VHF TV) 
222 - 420MHz (GEN1) 
420 - 470MHz (430MHz HAM) 
470 - 800MHz (UHF Band) 
800 - 999.90MHz (GEN2, USA Cellular Blocked) 
B(Sub) Band RX: 108 - 137MHz (Air Band) 
137 - 174MHz (144MHz HAM) 
174 - 222MHz (VHF) 
222 - 420MHz (GEN1) 
420 - 470MHz (430MHz HAM) 
470 - 580MHz (UHF Band) 
TX: 144 - 148MHz, 430 - 450MHz 
Circuit Type: NFM/ AM:Double-Conversion Superheterodyne 
FM /AM Radio: Direct-Conversion 
Modulation Type: F1D, F2D, F3E, F7W 
RF Power Output: 5W/ 2.5W/ 1W/ 0.3W (@ Battery pack or EXT DC) 
Memory Channels: 1256 
Waterproof Rating: IPX5 
Case Size(W x H x D): 2.44"x 3.94"x 1.28" (62 x 100 x 32.5 mm)w/ SBR-14LI, w/o Knob & Antenna 
Weight: 9.95oz (282 g) w/ SBR-14LI and Antenna

Supplied Accessories


7.2 V 2,200 mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack (SBR-14LI) 
Battery Charger (SAD-25) 
Belt Clip (SHB-13) 
USB Cable 
Operating Manual

Online Catalog: CLICK HERE

 (Click images to enlarge)

NEW Yaesu FT3D Handheld

In Japan, The Ministry Of Internal Affairs and Communications, have published documents in relation to a new radio from Yaesu, the FT3D.

The documents suggest that the radio will be capable of operating on 144-146MHz and 430-440Mhz with digital modes and will be feature Bluetooth facilities.


Confirmed Features....

SD Card with record facility
Colour Touchscreen
Wide Receive including Air Band
FM Radio
Compatible with existing accessories
Simultaneous Dual Receive (VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF, VHF/UHF, C4FM/C4FM) - Listen to two frequencies/modes at the same time.


Yaesu have now released full information on their website CLICK HERE

Frequency Ranges:
A(Main) Band RX: 0.5 - 1.8MHz (AM Broadcast)
1.8 - 30MHz (SW Band)
30 - 76MHz (50MHz HAM)
76 - 108MHz (FM Broadcast)
108 - 137MHz (Air Band)
137 - 174MHz (144MHz HAM)
174 - 222MHz (VHF TV)
222 - 420MHz (GEN1)
420 - 470MHz (430MHz HAM)
470 - 800MHz (UHF Band)
800 - 999.90MHz (GEN2, USA Cellular Blocked)
B(Sub) Band RX: 108 - 137MHz (Air Band)
137 - 174MHz (144MHz HAM)
174 - 222MHz (VHF)
222 - 420MHz (GEN1)
420 - 470MHz (430MHz HAM)
470 - 580MHz (UHF Band)
TX: 144 - 148MHz, 430 - 450MHz
Circuit Type: NFM/ AM:Double-Conversion Superheterodyne
FM /AM Radio: Direct-Conversion
Modulation Type: F1D, F2D, F3E, F7W
RF Power Output: 5W/ 2.5W/ 1W/ 0.3W (@ Batteery pack or EXT DC)
Memory Channels: 1256
Waterproof Rating: IPX5
Case Size(W x H x D): 2.44"x 3.94"x 1.28" (62 x 100 x 32.5 mm)w/ SBR-14LI, w/o Knob & Antenna
Weight: 9.95oz (282 g) w/ SBR-14LI and Antenna

Tuesday AM Net 14/05/2019

Video:YouTube/brian badonde

A president Grant 2 sounding great on AM....

10 May 2019

Thunderpole T800 Updated

Thunderpole have updated their popular radio the T800 with a new microphone and main board. Costing only £59.99 this is a cheap and easy way to get into CB radio.

Main Features

  • Multi Channel Operation: 80 UK/EU Channels plus European bands
  • 12 Volt Input
  • 4 Watt RF Output
  • LED channel display
  • Signal Meter
  • AM/FM Button
  • UK/EU Button
  • Channel 9
  • Channel 19
  • RF Gain
  • Auto / Manual Squelch
  • Up/Down Microphone with Auto Squelch Key
  • Internal Speaker
  • Extension Speaker Socket
  • 115 (W) x 38 (H) x 150 (D) mm


8 May 2019

Yaesu FTDX101D Review And Demo


An in-depth look at this cracking new radio from Yaesu.....

6 May 2019

NEW - TTi TCB-H100 Handheld CB Radio

TTi have announced a new handheld CB radio, the TTi TCB-H100

Not much is known at the moment but it's expected to be 4 watts AM/FM with full multi-norm coverage and export mode.

I do like how that radio is styled like amateur radio handhelds with the drop in charger and detachable battery.

Price expected to be around €105

2 May 2019

Morcambe Bay CB Users

Another new UK CB Radio group has appeared on Facebook, The Morcambe Bay CB Users. This is what they have to say about themselves...

"A group set up to promote the sensible and bucket mouth free use of CB radio around the Morecambe Bay area. As many will know we are now lucky to have the 40 UK only FM channels allocated back in 1981 and since 2014 we can use SSB and AM on the CEPT or mid band frequencies. CB is going through a rebirth throughout the country and this is spreading rapidly. The intention is that we monitor channel 19 UK FM and 27 CEPT USB"

So great to see yet another group and one who actively encourages good operating practices and the use of the UK's SSB calling channel on 27.275 USB.

You can visit their Facebook page by clicking HERE

28 April 2019

M0OGY - A Selection Of Videos!

Dave, M0OGY, has been really busy since his return to YouTube so here is a collection of his most recent videos for you to enjoy.....

We begin with that modern problem that plagues radio users, QRM, and how it can sometimes be solved.



And now an update on Dave's antennas:

And finally, some 10m action and a look at Dave's linear...

22 April 2019

70cm Band Propagation 21/04/2019

Some interesting conditions on UHF recently....

First Look at the new Yaesu FTdx-101D


Rod, K8RR and Mark, W8BBQ unbox the NEW Yaesu FTdx-101D and power it on at DX Engineering in Tallmadge, Ohio.

21 April 2019

SKIP On The President McKinley

Video:YouTube/The Harp and Shamrock Group

Some action from the US showing what the McKinley sounds like with a bit of propagation....

18 April 2019

Sid's Sunday DX Net 14/04/2019

Video:YouTube/Mike1074 DX

Another video from one of the many UK CB Radio nets.

CB radio in the UK has certainly had a major boost in the past 5 years since AM and SSB were legalised with multiple nets springing up around the regions. Most of the new nets are on SSB with a couple on AM, but as you can see FM has not been forgotten.

14 April 2019

Cybernet Delta 1 - 934MHz Review By M0OGY


Dave takes a look at one of the best 934Mhz CB Radios from back in the day. Very expensive at the time 934Mhz was the elite CB band here in the UK until 1998 when the frequencies were sold off for mobile phone use.

Frequency Range: 934.0125-934.9625 MHz (20 channels)

12 April 2019

South West DX Group

Things can change rapidly in the world of radio and only 2 days after forming, The Devon DX Group has expanded to cover Somerset, Cornwall and Dorset with the new combined name "The South West DX Group" 

Their operating frequency is 27.295 usb. 

9 April 2019

NEW - The Devon CB Radio DX Group

Yet another new UK CB radio group has popped up on Facebook, this time to promote activity in the Devon and West Country areas.

They are currently discussing which frequency they'll be using to hold regular nets. It looks like either 27.295 or 27.355 usb could be the one but keep up to date by visiting their Facebook page...


UPDATE 11/04/19: It appears that they have now chosen 27.295 as their regular net frequency.

1 April 2019

President Walker II FCC - NEW Photos

President have released two new photos of their Walker II FCC radio. Same in design to the EU version but with the 'brushed aluminium' front, and of course, this radio is 40 mid-band AM only, don't expect any hidden goodies in this one. 

The radio looks nice, certainly better than the black EU version, but those cheap looking switches and knobs spoil its appearance in my opinion.

- 40 channels AM
- Channel rotary switch
- Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
- Manual squelch and ASC
- Multi-functions LCD display
- Frequencies display
- S/RF vu-meter
- Public Address
- Scan
- Talkback
- Beep Function
- Roger Beep
- Tone
- ANL filter, NB, HI-CUT
- RF Gain / Mike gain
- RF Power
- Mic type electret / dynamic
- F function key
- Mode switch AM / WX
- Preset emergency (EMG 1/2)
- SWR (Power Reading /SWR)
- Weather channel with Alert
- Front microphone plug
- External loudspeaker jack
- USB 5V 2.1A

28 March 2019

New McKinley EU Photo Hints At High Power?

This new top-down photo of the President McKinley EU CB Radio, taken from the President website, shows that it has a nice little heat-sink on the back. This would appear to confirm what many have wondered, that the radio will have a 'high power' mode which will probably be enabled when the radio is put into EXPORT configuration.

Looking at the size of the heat-sink, the radio may be able to do 20-30 watts, possibly more due to the fact the the case is basically a big heat-sink in itself and may well be vented to help with heat dissipation.

Price is expected in the £250 - £300 range but we can keep our fingers crossed that it's lower!

Availability: Possibly May?


21 March 2019

President McKinley EU - 'COMING SOON' to Nevada

Nevada Radio, here in the UK, are preparing to take pre-orders for the new President McKinley EU Radio.

No price as yet but it looks like they will be one of the first UK retailers selling this radio in the coming weeks.

  •     40 channels AM / FM / LSB / USB
  •     Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
  •     Manual squelch and ASC
  •     Multi-functions LCD display
  •     Frequencies display
  •      S-meter
  •     Vox function (Hands free)
  •     ANL filter , NB and HI-CUT
  •      RF Gain / Mic Gain
  •     RF Power
  •     Clarifier
  •     Channels and memories scan
  •     3 Memories
  •     Dim function
  •     F function key
  •     Beep Function
  •     Roger Beep
  •     Mode switch AM / FM / LSB / USB
  •     Dual watch
  •     Automatic SWR (Power Reading /SWR)
  •     Preset channel programmable (EMG 1&2)
  •     TOT (Time out timer)
  •     Front microphone plug
  •     Microphone Electret or Dynamic
  •     External loudspeaker jack

  •     Supply    :    13.2 V / 24 V
  •     Size    :    170 (W) x 150 (D) x 52 (H) (DIN size)
  •     Weight    :    1.1 kg


17 March 2019

President Grant II PREMIUM £249.99 @ Nevada

Nevada radio in the UK have reduced the price of the President Grant II PREMIUM, possibly in preparation for the release of the new President McKinley EU which is likely to become President's flagship radio. 

I think the new price on the Grant may indicate that a higher price is heading this way on the McKinley.... 😁

16 March 2019

Floureon 16 Channel PMR - New LOW PRICE

For those of you interested in these cracking little PMR 446 radios which we've featured previously on the blog, you may wish to pop over to ebay and snap up a few as they are currently being sold at the new lower price of £8.99 for a pair or £16.99 for a quad pack.

I've already got 4 but I'm tempted to get a few more for experimentation, such as changing the antenna for a longer hi-gain whip. 

13 March 2019

Video - President Walker II

Video:YouTube/Office President Electronics

President Electronics Romania have posted a video showing the President Walker II in action. Although this video is not in English I'm sure you'll get the general idea!

The Romanian price for this radio is the equivalent of £134.... The UK price is around £179 

12 March 2019

Another New UK Weekly NET

News from Richard 26RB03 is that there is yet another weekly net here in the UK.

The RB Club Tuesday Net will take place every Tuesday from 19:30 hours GMT on 27.515 USB.

The central location of the net is in the county of Staffordshire, so if you are in that area or you hear some skip running, get tuned in and give them a call.

President McKinley EU Manual

For those who are interested, here we have a link to the President McKinley manual which gives all the info you need on this new radio.....

President McKinley EU Manual: CLICK HERE

11 March 2019

President McKinley 'Real' Photos and Animation

So it looks like the arrival of the new President McKinley EU is imminent as President Electronics have released 'Real' photos of the new radio and we also have an exclusive animation showing all the display colours you can choose from.

Price is yet to be confirmed but it's expected to be in the range £250-£300.

It's been a long wait (The radio was first talked about on the blog back in 2016), and it remains  to be seen if people are still interested in buying this radio after such a long time. Propagation is at it's lowest point, we are at the bottom of the solar cycle and there is very little activity on the bands. There could not be a worse time to launch an SSB radio. 

My feeling is that if President make a bold move and sell this radio for under £200 it will sell really well but the expected price range is a little too steep for most to warrant spending on a new CB radio. 
Anyway, the wait is almost over. In the meantime here are some full resolution images (As always - Click to enlarge)