With the publication of ECC Decision (15)05 Europe finally gets a Pseudo-UHF CB Radio system on 446MHz.

Previously PMR446 only had 8 analogue channels but the new specification allows for 16 analogue channels:

For digital users there is now a choice of wither 16 or 32 channels:

It is now just up to individual governments to approve the changes in the relevant countries. You can see the latest information regarding which countries have implemented the changes here: LINK

Link to Document: CLICK HERE

The original decision was made in 2015: but it's only now that some countries have adopted the changes. 

Here in the UK, the new allocation was implemented in March 2018.

Further Information:

Long Distance Contacts on PMR446: LINK

The Unnoficial UHF CB System: LINK

Inductive Coupling (Use an external antenna legally!): LINK

More information about PMR446/UHF CB can be seen on my PMR446 website: CLICK HERE

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