21 March 2018

President Bill First Look Photos

Seen on the President Electronics USA Facebook page are these new photos of the President Bill mini CB Radio:

- 40 channels AM / FM 
- 12 V
- USB 5V / 2.1A
- Up/down channel selector
- Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
- Manual squelch and ASC
- Multi-functions LCD display
- S-meter
- ANL filter, NB, HI-CUT 
- F function key
- Beep Function
- Roger Beep
- Mode switch AM / FM
- Preset channel programmable
- TOT (Time out timer)
- Front microphone plug
- Microphone Electret or Dynamic
- External loudspeaker jack

Website says "Coming Soon"

17 March 2018


Hot off the press is news that the popular DMR radio the TYT MD-380 is getting an upgrade and will now appear as the TYT MD-UV380 with dual band analogue/digital capabilities.

TYT are trying to get this radio out to dealers in APRIL and the price is expected to be in the region of $149 (No UK/EU prices have been issued as yet)

The radio comes with a 2000mAh battery and has 5 watts of output power. Other specs can be seen above (Click Images To Enlarge)

9 March 2018

Video - CRT Xenon CB Radio

Video:YouTube/CRT France

So here it is, the very first video showing the new CRT Xenon CB Radio. 

6 March 2018

New Radio - CRT XENON

Well that didn't take long! CRT have confirmed they will be releasing this new radio (as discussed on the blog yesterday) under the name "Xenon"


European Multi-Norm Channels (Can be widebanded with mod)


7 Colour Display

Frequency and Channel Display

Removable Mic with RJ-45 Connection

4 Watts AM/FM (Higher power with mod)

Price: TBA

So keep an eye out on the CRT website for more details in the coming weeks.


5 March 2018

New Mini CB Radio

Seen this radio mentioned on Simon The Wizards blog this morning and it reminded me that I'd seen it a few weeks ago on Instagram.

Along the lines of previous mini radios but with more information on the screen and a few extra buttons.

Photos are from Instagram/oleksandr_ur5fkt

The radio is in production in China. Unbranded at the moment so I guess we'll just have to wait and see if any reseller is interested in putting their name to it.

I think this could be a winner as long as it performs as well as other mini radios out there such as the brilliant Albrecht AE6110. 

4 March 2018

Yaesu FT-818 First 'Real World' photo(s)?

Make your own minds up about this folks but this image has been circulated on Twitter and appears to show the new Yaesu FT-818 in the flesh!

Real it Fake? I don't know! Let's be honest the FT-818 looks identical to the FT-817 so anyone with basic Photoshop skills could easily knock this up! 

UPDATE: A second photo has appeared.....

President Ronald 10/12m AM/FM Review.


For those of you (yes both of you) who are thinking of buying the Ronald 10/12m radio......

I recently did a bit of a survey on various Facebook pages regarding this radio. I asked "Will you be buying the new President Ronald 10/12m radio?", here are some of the responses.....

"Why would I?"

"Without SSB, it's nonsense"

"President does no cool radios anymore. For HAM use I would require a repeater shift and SSB"

"Would not waste my money on this radio"

"WOW - Didn't know President was still around"

"This is not a HAM radio"

"Without SSB it's a complete waste of time,  FM on 29Mhz is about all it could be used for other than as a CB.... and we all know it's a CB really"

"Why would you buy a radio these days without SSB on it?"

"Pity they don't put SSB on all radios"

"AM/FM radios don't do anything for me. I find it odd that they reused the Ronald name when originally the Ronald was SSB"

"Why would I want to spunk £150 up the wall on an AM/FM radio? Ooooo it covers the 12m band, shame the band is CW, data and SSB - not AM/FM. So this is a chocolate teapot. It's made in china and only costs £100 in the states"

"This is very good... for the CB band. It does 50w PEP on AM"

Now after that type of customer feedback there's no way any company would be considering bringing out another radio like this one yes????

.... Oh bugger! 

3 March 2018

Radioddity GD-77 Update Incoming

Information from the Radioddity Facebook page is that there will be a software/firmware update in the next few days.

Current and previous versions have been rather buggy so here's hoping they've sorted things out this time. 

So keep an eye out on the their website and Facebook page for the latest release.

1 March 2018

Yaesu FT-818 Official Photos & Manual

Hot off the press is news that Yaesu have issued official photos and the operating manual for their new FT-818 which is set to replace the trusty and very popular FT-817.

Looking almost identical to it's predecessor the FT-818 has been criticised by many for not being different enough and not having more features but I think Yaesu have decided that if it wasn't broken there's no need to fix it!

The real reason for bringing out this new radio is probably down to the difficulty in sourcing components for the old model rather than any need to update the features on the radio.

Anyway whatever your feelings about this new radio you can see high resolution images and download the operating manual from the Yaesu website: CLICK HERE

NEW K-PO Panther @ Thunderpole

Notified via email from Thunderpole here in the UK, with news that they now have the K-PO Panther handheld in stock.

Link To Thunderpole Website: CLICK HERE

Specs/Features: K-PO Panther



Squelch 6 levels.

Large multi-function LCD display with backlight.

Channel display or relative frequency.

Channel selector switch Up / Down.


Scan function.

Roger Beep.

Dual watch.

Channel 19 emergency pre-set.

Switch High / low power.

Keypad lock.

Socket for external microphone / speaker connection with 2,5 / 3,5 mm mono


Frequency Range: 26 ~ 28MHz. 

Frequency Control: Phase Lock Loop (PLL) synthesiser. 

Channel spacing: 10KHz 

Modulation mode: AM/ FM 

Frequency Stability: ± 0.005% 

Channel step: 10KHz 

Maximum channel: > 40 channel 

Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to +50°C 

Input Voltage: 7.4VDC 

Working Voltage: 6.8~8.4V 

Antenna Connector: TNC with 50 ohms 

Dimensions: 120(H)X54(W)X35(D)mm 

Weight: About 250g(Including battery) 


AM /FM Power Output: FM: 1/4W | AM: Carry power 1/3W with 50% modulation

Spurious Emissions: -55 dB. 

Carrier Suppression: -55 dB. 

Audio Frequency Response: 300Hz to 2.5KHz 

Max. Modulation FM +/- 2KHz | AM 100% 


AM Sensitivity For 10dB S/N: < 1.0 μV. 

FM Sensitivity For 12dB S/N: < 0.2 μV. 

Image Rejection Ratio: > -65 dB. 

Adjacent Channel Selectivity: > -55 dB. 

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Figure Of Merit: 100 mV for 10 dB Change in Audio Output. 

Squelch Adjustable: 6 Levels 

Audio Output Power: > 0.5W 

Signal to noise ratio: > 40db 

Internal Speaker: 8 Ohms; 1 Watts.

Price: £139.99

28 February 2018

NEW - President Richard On The Way? (UPDATED)

This would appear to be a new radio... The President Richard (Or Richard 2 if you go by the image names on the President website). The photo was spotted on Twitter and kindly sent to me this morning.

Looks like this is another 10/12M AM/FM radio!!!!!

NO SSB!!!!!!!

(Yes unlike it's previous incarnation which did have SSB) 

Quite bizarre!!!! President don't seem to have learned from their "President Ronald 10/12m" radio, even though they ended up dropping the "10/12m" from its name recently! 

Price is not known as yet but as with the Ronald it is likely to be too high and likely to fall rapidly in the first couple of months on sale. 

Let's be honest - THIS IS A CB RADIO NOT A HAM RADIO. AM/FM only is no good to HAM operators and it's good to see others coming round to this way of thinking at long last instead of blindly recommending certain radio brands to their readers.

UPDATE: Pictures and specs from the President Website

- Rotary switch channel selector

- Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
- RF Power
- Manual squelch and ASC
- Multi-functions LCD display (Normal or Negative)
- Frequencies display
- S-meter
- Public Address
- ANL filter, NB and HI-CUT
- RF Gain / Mike gain
- Scan
- Talkback
- MENU function key
- Beep Function
- Roger Beep
- Mode switch AM/FM
- Tone
- VFO Mode (continuous scanning of 24.890 Mhz to 24.990 Mhz and of 28.000 Mhz to 29.700 Mhz)
- Vox
- Echo
- Mic type electret / dynamic
- Key locking
- SWR (Power Reading /SWR)
- Preset emergency (EMG 1/2)
- TOT (Time Out Timer) adjustable
- Front microphone plug
- External loudspeaker jack
- USB 5V 2.1A

President Richard: LINK

PMR446 Goes 16 Channel from 21st March 2018

Confirmation from OFCOM today is that the UK PMR446 allocation will be extended to 16 channels (Analogue) and up to 32 channels (Digital) from 21st March 2018.

26 February 2018

Baofeng Power Amplifier

Baofeng have launched a power amplifier (burner) which can easily be attached to your favourite handheld radio, with an output power of up to 40w. Basically turning your handheld into a home base.

There are 4 different version of the amplifiers depending on your needs:

(Click images to enlarge)
Prices range from $87 - $105
For full details follow this LINK

THE BIG NET: 4th Anniversary Of UKCB AM and SSB

Wednesday 27th June 2018 sees the 4th Anniversary of the legalisation of AM and SSB in the UK.

As part of the celebrations, some of the SSB weekly nets are getting together for what promises to be one of the best CB events ever to take place here in the UK.

Organised by Tom from The Midweek Net which operates every Wednesday on 27.255Mhz, the aim is to get stations operating from all 48 English counties on the same night. Stations from Scotland and Northern Ireland will also be encouraged take part.

"Wednesday 27th June 2018 is the 4th Anniversary of legal SSB in the UK and we plan to celebrate it in style with six regional nets designed to give everyone the chance to work as many English Counties as possible!

Our aim is to have portable stations active on high ground in all 48 English counties between 6pm and 10pm forming as part of six regional networks giving everyone the best chance to work as many counties as possible on the night.

The chair's of each net will be able to pass you round to the county station's on high spots up and down the land maximising everybody's chances of working parts of England you might not often hear on the 11m band

From Cornwall to Cumbria, Northumberland to Kent! Join us on Wednesday 27th June to wish SSB in the UK a Happy 4th Birthday.

And for those who can't get out Mid-week don't worry are encouraging anyone who would like to take to the hill's and activate their own County stations to do so on either Sunday surrounding the main event between 11am & 1pm on both Sundays there will be a chance to work many English county station as well!

Watch this space for more details, frequencies and info"

So spread the word and put the this BIG NET in your calender!!!!

23 February 2018

Yaesu FT-818 @ Nevada

Nevada Radio have also announced that they are taking pre-orders for the new Yaesu FT-818. Priced at £629.95

Link to the Nevada Website: CLICK HERE


Increased power output 6W (SSB, CW, FM) 2.0W (AM Carrier) 

Improved frequency stability ±0.5 ppm: Built-in TCXO-9 
Larger battery capacity: 9.6V/1900 mAh (SBR-32) 
5MHz band Operation available 
208 Memory Channels / 10 Memory Groups
Operates on 160-10m, HF, 6m, 2m and 70 cm Bands
Ultra-Compact and Portable
Two Antenna Connectors
IF Shift, IF Noise Blanker, IPO, ATT
CW "Semi-Break-in", CW Reverse, CW Pitch Control
Built-in Electronic Keyer
Multi-Colour Easy to see LCD
Internal Battery Operation Capability
ARS Automatic Repeater Shift
APO Automatic Power Off
Front Panel Key Lock Mode


Frequency Ranges: RX 100 kHz - 30 MHz

(Amateur Bands only) 50 MHz - 54 MHz

76 MHz - 108 MHz

87.5 MHz - 108 MHz

430 MHz - 440 MHz

TX 1.8 MHz - 54 MHz

C2 Version (5.2500 MHz - 5.4065 MHz) WRC-15 + UK

B2 Version (5.3515 MHz - 5.3665 MHz) WRC-15

144 MHz - 146 MHz

430 MHz - 440 MHz

Circuit Type: Double-Conversion Superheterodyne (SSB/CW/AM/FM)

Single-Conversion Superheterodyne (WFM)

Modulation Type: A1A(CW), A3E(AM), J3E(LSB, USB), F3E(FM), F1D(PACKET), F2D(PACKET)

RF Power Output: 6 W (SSB/CW/FM), 2 W (AM Carrier) @13.8 V

Memory Channels: 208

Case Size (W x H x D): 135 x 38 x 165 mm

w/o knob and connector

Weight: 900 g (w/o Battery, Antenna and Microphone)

Supplied Accessories:

Hand Microphone(MH-31A8J)
Battery (SBR-32 9.6V 1900mAh Ni-MH )
Battery Case (FBA-28) (Requires 8 "AA: batteries)
Whip Antenna for 50/144/430 MHz (YHA-63E
DC Cable (E-DC-6)
Shoulder Strap, Ferrite Core, Rubber Foot
Operating Manual
Battery Charger (PA-48U/C)

Yaesu FT-818 @ Martin Lynch & Sons

Information from the Martin Lynch & Sons Facebook page is that they are now taking pre-orders for the new Yaesu FT-818 which will be priced at £599.95 (Normal price: £629.95)

The radio is expected to be in stock in April 2018

Radio Features:

- Increased power output 6W(SSB, CW, FM) 2.0W(AM Carrier) *NEW!
- Improved frequency stability ±0.5 ppm : Built-in TCXO-9 *NEW!
- Larger battery capacity : 9.6V/1,900mAh (SBR-32) *NEW!
- 5MHz band (WRC-15 + UK frequency) Operation available *NEW!
- 208 Memory Channels / 10 Memory Groups
- Operates on 160-10m , HF, 6m, 2m and 70 cm Bands
- Ultra Compact and Portable
- Two Antenna Connectors
- IF Shift, IF Noise Blanker, IPO, ATT
- CW "Semi-Break-in", CW Reverse, CW Pitch Control
- Built-in Electronic Keyer
- Multi-Color Easy to see LCD
- Internal Battery Operation Capability
- ARS Automatic Repeater Shift
- APO Automatic Power Off
- Front Panel Key Lock Mode

Supplied Accessories:

Hand Microphone(MH-31A8J)
Battery (SBR-32 9.6V 1900mAh Ni-MH )
Battery Case (FBA-28) (Requires 8 "AA: batteries)
Whip Antenna for 50/144/430 MHz (YHA-63)
DC Cable (E-DC-6)
Shoulder Strap, Ferrite Core, Rubber Foot
Operating Manual
Battery Charger (PA-48)

Frequency Ranges: RX 100 kHz - 30 MHz
50 MHz - 54 MHz
76 MHz - 108 MHz
87.5 MHz - 108 MHz
430 MHz - 440 MHz
TX 1.8 MHz - 54 MHz
(5.2500 MHz - 5.4065 MHz) WRC-15 + UK
144 MHz - 146 MHz
430 MHz - 440 MHz (Amateur Bands only)
Circuit Type: Double-Conversion Superheterodyne (SSB/CW/AM/FM)
Single-Conversion Superheterodyne (WFM)
Modulation Type: A1A(CW), A3E(AM), J3E(LSB,USB), F3E(FM), F1D(PACKET), F2D(PACKET)
RF Power Output : 6 W (SSB/CW/FM), 2 W (AM Carrier) @13.8 V
Memory Channels: 208
Case Size(W x H x D): 135 x 38 x 165 mm w/o knob and connector
Weight: 900 g (w/o Battery, Antenna and Microphone)

Link to ML&S Website: CLICK HERE

22 February 2018

ARISS QSO ISS Astronaut Scott Tingle OR4ISS with CS5DBB


A recording of a recent contact with the International Space station on 2m.....

20 February 2018

Upcoming Space Station Contact 21/02/18

From the ARISS Twitter Feed:

"An International Space Station school contact has been planned with participants at Agrupamento de Escolas do Fundão, Fundão, Portugal on 21 Feb. Set for 09:38 UTC. The contact will be direct between OR4ISS and CS5DBB"

I'm assuming that they will be active on their usual frequency of 145.800MHZ FM.

16 February 2018

Frequency Change For The East Midlands Net

News from Stuart who tells me that due to QRM issues the East Midlands Net will move to a new frequency from next week.

The net will now be on 27.235 (Channel 24) USB every Thursday so make sure you pop in to say hello.

13 February 2018

Upcoming ISS School Contact 14/02/2018

An educational radio contact is planned with Vilniaus Jono Basanaviciaus Gymnasium together with Vilniaus Jono Basanaviciaus Progymnasium, Vilnius, Lithuania.

The event is scheduled Wednesday 14 February 2018 at approximately 12:37 UTC/GMT.

The contact will be with ground station LY1BWB located in Vilnius, Lithuania, so the Downlink signals from Space will be audible over Europe on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM.

(Information from the ARISS Facebook Page)

West of Scotland Radio Nets

With thanks to Stuart who has sent information to the blog regarding the many nets which take place in the West of Scotland for CB and Amateur Radio:

Sunday: 8pm
Echolink MB7IBH-L & 144.9625 FM hosted by Glasgow & Clyde Raynet.

Monday: 8pm
144.550 FM hosted by Paisley amateur radio club net.

Tuesday: 8-10pm
Glasgow & district Ten metre net, 29.050 AM.

Wednesday: 8-10pm
Glasgow & district midweek CB ch14 net, 27.73125 FM.

Thursday 8-10pm
Glasgow & district 70cm net, 433.450 FM.

Friday 7-9pm
Clyde valley net, 27.405 USB.

Friday from 10pm
Clyde valley 2 metre net, 144.310 USB (vertical polarisation).

It certainly looks like there is plenty of activity in the area!

11 February 2018

NEW Yaesu FT-818 (FT-817 Replacement)

So after many years of rumours (I remember hearing about it back in 2012) it would appear that Yaesu have a new radio in the pipeline to replace the FT-817.

Documents for the Yaesu FT-818 have appeared online which appear to show that the new radio is undergoing testing with a view to launch later in the year.

10 February 2018

President Ronald 10/12M - How to get the UK band

Video:YouTube/Klaus R.

I don't think that there will be many UK operators who have parted with their hard earned cash for a President Ronald, but just in case, this is how to get the UK band.... It's like going back to the 70's!

8 February 2018

President Bill CB Radio @ Nevada Soon

Nevada are now taking orders for the new President Bill 'Mini CB Radio'.

President Ronald 10/12m Unlock

Video:YouTube/Klaus R.

So in a moment of madness you've bought yourself a President Ronald and it's virtually useless on 10m or 12m so of course you need to expand it to cover 11m where it actually belongs......

1 February 2018

NEW UK SSB Net! (Clyde Valley)

Great news is that yet another UK net has sprung up. This time it's in Scotland in the Clyde Valley area.

Their first net will take place on Friday 2nd February 19:00 - 21:00 hours (GMT) on 27.405 USB and will hopefully take place every Friday thereafter.

So if you are in the area or if there happens to be a bit propagation running, listen out for The Clyde Valley Friday Night Net!

You can also check out their Facebook page: CLICK HERE

29 January 2018

NEW: Baofeng RD-5R DMR Radio

Announced today is the new Baofeng RD-5R DMR Dual Band Handheld. Reportedly developed jointly with Radioddity, this new radio is a true Tier 2 dual band analogue and DMR handheld. 

25 January 2018

PMR446 Goes 16 Channel In The UK - UPDATE

Previous Post: LINK

So after waiting 3 weeks without any response from OFCOM regarding the legal situation in the UK in respect of the expanded PMR446 allocation I took at look at the CEPT document database website and after a bit of poking around I found this....

TX Factor - Episode 20 (TXF020)

Video:YouTube/TX Factor

The latest episode of TX Factor!

22 January 2018

Southern Net Anniversary Event

Information from Tim who tells me that The Southern Net is celebrating it's 3rd anniversary on Thursday 1st February 2018 by holding a special net on channel 3 UKFM (27.62125Mhz) from 20:00 hours GMT.

The Southern Net is just one of many nets around the UK and you can see if there are any in your area by visiting my CB Radio Network Map: CLICK HERE

19 January 2018

President Ronald Tune-up Report

Video:YouTube/Bells CB

Yes I know what you are thinking, I was shocked too, but it does appear that at least one person has bought the new President Ronald 10/12m.......

16 January 2018

Ham Radio On A Bike - Episode1


Don't have a car? That's no need not to go mobile!!!!

13 January 2018

Baofeng BF-TI / 9100A Mini PMR Test & Review


Fred takes a look at the tiny little Baofeng BF-TI 9100A

6 January 2018

PMR 446 Goes 16 Channel In The UK?

It was 'Breaking News' way back in July 2015 (Link) that the PMR446 analogue and digital allocations would double in size once all the required red tape had been sorted out. 

In the UK we were later greeted by a draft document from OFCOM which stated that the changes were expected to come into force in 'January 2018'.

However since then no further word from OFCOM so are we to assume the the changes have indeed come into effect and we now have 16 analogue and up to 32 digital channels on the band?

I have emailed OFCOM to see if I can find out........

In the meantime I haven't seen any new 16 channel radios in the shops here in the UK... Have you noticed any? If so let me know and I'll feature them here on the blog.