21 June 2018


BTECH have announced a new DMR handheld radio, the DMR-6X2.

DMR-6X2 Information: Dual Band VHF (136-174MHz) & UHF (400-480MHz)

The DMR-6X2 uses a loud 1 watt speaker; with adjustable volume options (customisable in software) to set your preferences to accommodate both indoor and outdoor users.

The DMR-6X2 case is durable for the most extreme elements. The DMR-6X2 is rated IP54 for water and dust resistance.

The DMR-6X2 is firmware upgradeable with the free software and firmware update tools from BTECH.

DMR-6X2 Battery Life, Weights, and Dimensions

The DMR-6X2 can last for up to 35 hours on a single charge using the 3100mAh battery, and up to 18.5 hours on a single charge using the included 2100mAh battery.

The DMR-6X2 is: 5" tall (10.5" with included antenna), 2" wide, and 1.5" deep (2" with belt clip).

19 June 2018

International Space Station School Contact 19/06/2018 (Yaesu FT-991)

Not the most successful contacts as the ISS appears to be having problems receiving the school, located in Serbia, but still great to hear the ISS on the air!

18 June 2018

Upcoming Space Station Contact 19/06/2018

An International Space Station school contact has been planned for Ricky Arnold KE5DAU with Tehnicka Skola Zajecar, Zajecar, Serbia.

The event is scheduled for Tuesday 19 June 2018 at 14:20 UTC/15:20 BST

The downlink signals will be audible in many parts of Europe on 145.800Mhz FM

14 June 2018

Blast From The Past - Stan And Simon 26/05/2008

Found on an old hard drive, here we have Stan, 26AC08, and Simon The Wizard chatting on The Northumberland Net channel (38UKFM) way back in 2008.... Sadly Stan is no longer with us but I'd like to think that wherever he may be he's still blowing smoke on the old chicken box!

12 June 2018

27th June - CB Radio's Biggest Night of the Year!

The 27th June 2018 is looking like it could be the biggest UK CB Radio event of the year with not one but TWO events celebrating 4 years of legal AM and SSB.

Firstly we have "The Big Net", a long established event which can trace its roots back to 2006 when we celebrated 25 years of legal FM CB Radio here in the UK. This years event will celebrate 4 years of legal AM and SSB and is the fifth multimode event to have taken place on 27th June each year. 

Calling will take place on the UK calling channels:

AM calling on channel 14 EU (27.125Mhz)
SSB calling on channel 27 EU (27.275Mhz USB)

Once contacts are made please remember to QSY so that the calling channels are clear for other stations.

You can post your intentions (Times/frequencies/locations etc) on The Big Net Facebook Page - CLICK HERE

Stations are welcome to join in from all over the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Europe and beyond!

Also celebrating 4 years of legal AM/SSB is the new "Activate All Counties Event" which aims to get stations operating in all 48 English Counties. 

Six of the biggest weekly nets will be operating on the mid band, on SSB. 

UPDATE 16/06/18: The frequency list of the 6 nets has now been published

North East Net - 27.375 USB
North West Net - 27.135 USB
Midlands Net - 27.255 USB
Eastern Counties Net - 27.325 USB
South West Net - 26.975 USB
South East Net - 27.395 USB

So all in all this promises to be a great night for UK CB Radio so make sure you get your radios tuned to the Mid Band, give out a call on channel 14 AM or channel 27 USB or flick through the channels to see if you can hear any of the regular midweek nets. 

This really is the best chance you will get to make some amazing contacts around the UK.


Later in the year we have two more big UK radio events. 

The PMR446 DX WEEKEND.....

Yes it's time to take to the hills or the highest point you can find and give out a call on your PMR446 radio! Many people think that these little walkie talkies are just for very short range communication but from a decent (high) location you will be amazed how far you can get. Contacts of up to 100 miles are commonplace and throw in a bit of (rare) Tropospheric Ducting and international contacts are also possible.

This years event is takes place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August 2018.

The Big Net (November) 2018.....

Yes more action from "The Big Net". Celebrating 37 years of legal UK CB Radio.

Taking place on 2nd November 2018 the main net will be on channel 37 UKFM (27.96125Mhz) with additional USB calling on channel 27 EU (27.275)Mhz and AM calling on channel 14 EU (27.125Mhz). 

So we have a fun packed year ahead of us and don't forgot all the regular nets which take place around the UK on a Daily/Weekly basis. 

Here is the latest list:

(Click To Enlarge Images)

10 June 2018

HB9HA Repeater 10th June 2018

Some decent conditions on 10m FM this evening. This video shows how the HB9HA repeater was coming into the North East of England. You will hear G0PXG, M0TEA and EA4BU.

9 June 2018

CB Radio - 789 Mile QSO On A Midland Portapak


Cracking contact video sent to me from Stuart who spoke to Roy in Corsica using his Midland Portapak...

4 June 2018

CB Radio Skip 4th May 2018

Including the Channel 35 Gang from London.....

Great to speak to you guys!!!!

Why not check out their Facebook page: CLICK HERE

NEW TTI CB Radio Range

TTI have released their new catalogue which features an updated range of CB Radios....

Click Images To Enlarge:

Radio comparison chart:

3 June 2018

2m SSB Net Scotland 03/06/2018

Video:YouTube/The Hoppy Hippie

Great to hear some 2m band SSB activity. I have tried to get the locals around me onto 2m SSB but there has been little interest so good on the guys in Scotland for making it a success.

2 June 2018

PMR446 DX Weekend 2018

Heads up for yet another radio event here in the UK this year....

The PMR446 DX Weekend will take place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August 2018 across the UK and beyond. So why not take to the hills (or the highest point you can get to) and see just how far you can get on this remarkable band?

Calling will take place on Channel 8 (446.09375) then QSY to another channel please (We have 16 now!)

More inforamtion and a place to post your location/times of operation can be found on the PMR446 DX Weekdn Facebook Page - CLICK HERE

NEW Yaesu FT-4X / FT-4V

Yaesu now appears to have finally entered the low price end of the handheld market (currently occupied firmly by the likes of Baofeng) and has introduced the FT4X priced at around £60-£65.

Yaesu FT 4XE Features:

• VHF/UHF Dual Band FM Handheld Transceiver
• Ultimate Compact Design, Measuring W 52 x H 90 x D 30
• One Watt of Powerful and Clear Audio Output from the 36 mm Front Speaker
• 5 Watts of Reliable RF Power within a Compact body
• Three Selectable TX Power settings (5 W (High)/2.5 W (Middle)/0.5 W (Low))
Over 15 hours Operating time with Supplied 1,750 mAh Li-ion Battery pack *1
• 3.5-Hour Rapid Charger (SBH-22) Included (Using SBR-28LI)
• QRK (Quick Recall Key): Two User Programmable Keys for Quick Access to Favourite Functions
• One-touch Alarm and Quick HOME Channel Access for Emergency Signalling
• VFO Scan, Memory Scan, Programmable memory scan (PMS), Memory bank scan, and Dual receive
• Large-capacity 200 memory channels
• 3 home channels and 10 pairs of PMS memory channels
• Selectable Frequency Steps (5/10/12.5/15/20/25/50/100 kHz)
• Split Memory (Two different frequencies (TX/RX)
• WX Channels with “Severe Weather” Alert
• VOX Operation with Optional VOX Earpiece Microphone (SSM-512B)
• PC Programmable with Optional Programming Cable (SCU-35)
• Transceiver-to-Transceiver Cloning with Optional Cloning Cable (SCU-36)
• FM Broadcast Receiver Equipped
• ARTS (Automatic Range Transponder System)
• DTMF Operation
• CTCSS/DCS Operation
• Busy Channel Lock-Out (BCLO)
• Battery Saver Function
• Automatic Power-Off (APO) Feature
• Transmitter Time-Out-Timer (TOT)

Frequency Ranges: RX 136 – 174 MHz
400 – 480 MHz
FM Broadcast 65 – 108 MHz
TX 144 – 146 MHz
430 – 440 MHz
Circuit Type: Direct-Conversion
Modulation Type: F2D, F3E, F2A
RF Power Output: 5 W/2.5 W/0.5 W
AF Audio Output: 1 W (Max power)
Case Size (W x H x D): 52 x 90 x 30 mm without Knob
Weight (Approx.): 250 g with SBR-28LI and Antenna

For slightly less cash (around £50) you can also get the single band FT-4V which is basically the same radio but only operating on VHF.

The radios can be bought in the UK from the likes of LAMCO - Website Link HERE

31 May 2018

Portable CB Radio Activation Pilot Hill


CB Radio Portable Activation from Pilot Hill in Hampshire (UK)....

30 May 2018

NEW - President Taylor IV

So yet another NEW radio from President, this time it's the President Taylor IV:

40 channels AM / FM - Multi Norm

Manual squelch and ASC

LCD display


Frequencies display

S/RF meter

ANL / NB / HI-CUT filters


Public Address

USB 5V 2.1A


Roger beep


I KNOW - YET ANOTHER AM/FM Radio.... Where are the SSB radios President?????

Without SSB there will be little interest here in the UK that's for sure!

The Big CB Net 2018

Just a heads up that later in the year we celebrate 37 years of LEGAL CB Radio here in the UK. As usual there will be a special event taking place with stations all across the UK and beyond taking to the air.

More info to follow nearer the date...

25 May 2018

Kenwood TS-890S Video

Video:YouTube/Don Arnold

A very interesting video from Don Arnold who takes a look at the new Kenwood TS-890S...

19 May 2018

Delta Alfa Larne LOTA Tour - SOON!


"Standby DX Hunters!
At the end of this month, renowned DA-RC DXpedition team, the ‘Globetrotters’, have on their DX radar the majestic seascapes of Northern Ireland’s Antrim County.
Here the duo (aka 104DA102 Syl and 104DA101 Roy) have singled out a number of lighthouses positioned around Larne Seaport for some momentous 11m dx action.
From lighthouse grounds and/or within visual sight the activities will take place with a compact portable station planned for each DX mission"

You can get all the latest updates on the Delta Alfa website by clicking HERE

18 May 2018

NEW Kenwood TS-890S

Another new radio, this time from Kenwood. The Kenwood TS-890S.

CB Radio Thursday Southern SSB Net 17/05/2018


More SSB weekly net action here in the UK.....

NEW Yaesu FT-DX101D HF/50MHz 100W SDR Transceiver

A new radio is on the way from Yaesu, this time they're going down the SDR route which is something that they have resisted for the past couple of years. Yaesu had said that they were not convinced that the SDR technology was good enough to replace traditional radios. So I assume that they've improved on the technology enough now to produce this new radio.

Video:YouTube/Gigaparts, inc

70mhz button? 

12 May 2018

CB Radio Skip 12 May 2018

Conditions certainly have improved this week.....

CB Radio - Thursday Southern SSB CB Net 10/05/2018


Some cracking action from the Southern SSB Net here in the UK.

You can see all of the latest UK Net information by clicking HERE

CB Radio Skip (As Heard In France)

Video:YouTube/Rémy Dundee

One or two UK stations can be heard.....

6 May 2018

CB Radio Skip 05 May 2018

A short video with some long awaited skip here in the North of England. I had been on 10m (which was also open) on my Yaesu FT857D and thought I would have a quick listen to 11m.....

T2LT CB Antenna Giveaway!


Your chance to win a ready made T2LT CB Antenna......

T2LT v's Sirio 4000


Is it worth using a cheap vertical?????

26 April 2018

President Walker II Classic

          (Click to enlarge)

Looking almost identical to the recently announced President Richard, this is the President Walker II Classic.

Channel rotary switch
Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
Manual squelch and ASC
Multi-functions LCD display
Frequencies display
S/RF meter
Roger Beep
ANL filter, NB
RF Gain / Mike gain
Mic type electret / dynamic
SWR (Power Reading /SWR)
USB 5V 2.1A

25 April 2018

Upcoming Space Station Contact

An International Space Station school contact has been planned for three schools in Poland.

The contact is scheduled on Thursday 26 April 2018 at approximately 10:52 GMT / 11:52 BST.

The Space Station signals should be heard across much of Europe on 145.800Mhz FM.

20 April 2018

CB Radio - Southern Net 19/4/18


Another video from one of the many UK weekly nets....

17 April 2018

CRT SS 6900N A Great CB/10m Radio


Fred takes a look at the CRT6900N, one of the most popular CB/10m radios on the market today....

16 April 2018

Upcoming ISS School Contact

An International Space Station ARISS school contact is planned for Thursday 19/04/2018 at 12:05 GMT / 13:05 British Summer Time, with Kings High School, Warwick, UK.

Signals from the Space Station can be heard across much of Europe on 145.800 Mhz FM.

15 April 2018

Radioddity Baofeng RD-5R - Long Range DMR Simplex & Audio Test

Video:YouTube/Ringway Manchester

A look at the budget DMR radio from Baofeng....

Clyde Valley Friday Night Net 13/04/18

Video:YouTube/The Hoppy Hippie

President Grant 2 working well on the net.....

10m Net Handheld

Video:YouTube/Edmund Spicer

Great video promoting the Southern and South Coast 10m Net (Facebook Page: CLICK HERE) and also celebrating Worthing Radio Clubs 70th Birthday.

12 April 2018

CB Radio on UK Legal Power!


Fred shows that it is still possible to stay legal if you want to!

31 March 2018

The Big Multimode Nets 2018

An early reminder that this years Big Multimode Nets will take place on Wednesday 27th June to celebrate FOUR years of legal AM and SSB here in the UK.


AM calling will take place on channel 14 (27.125Mhz)
USB calling will take place on channel 27 (27.275Mhz)

Please remember to QSY once contact is made.

As a bonus many of the UK Mid-Week nets will also be celebrating the event on various frequencies on the EU (Mid) Band - More details to follow in the coming weeks. 

In previous years the event has proved to be very popular so why not take to the hills and see how many stations you can make contact with?

Check out The Big Net Facebook page for more information and make sure you post your plans for others to see - CLICK HERE

30 March 2018

BTECH Power Amplifier AMP-25 Overview

Video:YouTube/BTECH Baofeng

A quick look at Baofeng's new power amplifier for use with handheld radios.

You can read a review by John K3NXU by clicking HERE

29 March 2018

New 10m SSB Weekly Net

News from the Facebook page of The Southern And South Coast 10m SSB Net. Their first ever weekly SSB net takes place tonight (29/03/18) between 19:00 - 20:00 hours BST(GMT+1) on 28.410 USB.

They hope to be operating every Thursday evening from now on so listen out and join in with the fun.

27 March 2018

Baofeng UV3R+ Inside

Seen this image posted on Facebook recently which shows the circuit board inside the Baofeng UV3R+ and thought you may like to take a look.

(Click images to enlarge)

25 March 2018


With thanks to Callum of Communic8 we have information that the expected UK price of the new TYT MD-UV380 is approximately £120 for the standard model with the GPS version coming in a little more than that. I must say that this price is very affordable and I can see this radio flying off the shelves at launch. 

MD-UV380 Call Features

Single/Group/All Call
  • Emergency Call
  • Group Call Match (Promiscuous)
  • Private Call Match (Promiscuous)
  • Mototrbo Tier I & II Compatible
  • GPS optional
  • Colour LCD Display
  • Lone Worker
  • Dual Time Slot for repeater and point to point
  • 8 Hours Recording
TYT MD-UV380 Specifications:
  • Frequency Range:  136-174Mhz - 400-480Mhz
  • Channels: 3000
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAH Li-Ion
  • Power: High Power 5W, Low Power 1W
  • Dimensions: 131 x 61 x 36 mm
  • Weight: 258g

The TYT MD-UV380 should be available soon.

Thanks once again to Callum, and you can see more information on the Communic8 website by clicking HERE

21 March 2018

North West Net 2nd Anniversary

News that the UK's North West Net celebrates its 2nd anniversary on Wednesday 28th March.

So if you fancy taking part in the celebrations listen out on 27.125 USB from 19:00 hours (British Summer Time).

President Bill First Look Photos

Seen on the President Electronics USA Facebook page are these new photos of the President Bill mini CB Radio:

- 40 channels AM / FM 
- 12 V
- USB 5V / 2.1A
- Up/down channel selector
- Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
- Manual squelch and ASC
- Multi-functions LCD display
- S-meter
- ANL filter, NB, HI-CUT 
- F function key
- Beep Function
- Roger Beep
- Mode switch AM / FM
- Preset channel programmable
- TOT (Time out timer)
- Front microphone plug
- Microphone Electret or Dynamic
- External loudspeaker jack

Website says "Coming Soon"

17 March 2018


Hot off the press is news that the popular DMR radio the TYT MD-380 is getting an upgrade and will now appear as the TYT MD-UV380 with dual band analogue/digital capabilities.

TYT are trying to get this radio out to dealers in APRIL and the price is expected to be in the region of $149 (No UK/EU prices have been issued as yet)

The radio comes with a 2000mAh battery and has 5 watts of output power. Other specs can be seen above (Click Images To Enlarge)