2 December 2018

President McKinley - UK Price Revealed?

There has been much speculation about the price of the upcoming President McKinley AM/FM/SSB radio. 

The US equivalent sells for around £150 but as we all know prices here in UK tend to be much higher, so I was interested to see who would be first to put a price to the EU version of the radio.

Skytwig CB and Amateur Radio are located in the North East of England and they are the first I've seen with a price for the McKinley. They have the radio on their website priced at £289.95


Now as the radio is not yet available this price could go up or down so do not take this as a definite price. However it does give us an idea as to what we should expect. It's certainly not a cheap radio but if it performs as well as the US version it should be a great radio. I guess we shall find out in due course!


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