29 April 2017

FCC Legalises DX-Ing and Higher Powered FRS

The FCC in the US has announced rule changes affecting the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS), the Family Radio Service (FRS), Citizens Band Radio, as well as other applications under the FCC’s Part 95 Personal Radio Services (PRS) rules and regulations. Part 95 devices typically are low-power units that do not require an individual user license from the FCC. 

27 April 2017

Money Off President Jackson 2 and Antennas @ Nevada

Nevada have slashed the price of the now discontinued President Jackson 2 Classic along with money off several President antennas.

The Jackson 2 Classic had been selling for £269.99 but now is available for only £199.95

International Space Station School Contact 27/04/2017

"A direct contact via F8KGY with students from Lycée Hélène Boucher, Thionville, France, Thu 2017-04-27  08:52:17 UTC 83 deg. with astronaut Thomas Pesquet, KG5FYG"

Not the best audio due to a very low elevation of the space station at my location and also some local electrical interference but still good to hear the ISS once again. 

24 April 2017

CB Radio - First Sporadic E Propagation Of The 2017 Season!

It's great to hear some DX action at long last. The bands have been totally dead here for months!

Let's hope that this years Sporadic E season is a good one!

Sunday DX and Metal Detecting!


A video showing how easy it is to mix radio with other hobbies, in the case a spot of metal detecting!

21 April 2017

ISS: Next School Contacts

The next International Space Station school contacts have been announced.....

19 April 2017

Getting started in CB radio - A beginners guide 2017


A very interesting and informative video from 'Fred In The Shed'!

14 April 2017

International Space Station School Contact 14/04/2017 (French)

"A direct contact via F6KCO with students from College Roger Martin Du Gard, Bellême, France Fri 2017-04-14 15:20:44 UTC 48 deg. The astronaut is Thomas Pesquet, KG5FYG"

Reminder: ISS School Contact Today (14/04/2017)

Just a quick reminder that an International Space Station contact with a FRENCH school is scheduled for 16:20 hours BST / 15:20 hours GMT today on 145.800Mhz.

The stations transmissions should be audible across western Europe.

Midweek DX Net 12/04/17


More FM Net action from 26CTX1837....

13 April 2017

Mid Week CB Radio Net


More action from one of the many UK CB radio nets, this time on FM!

9 April 2017

DIAMOND BB7V Multi Band Vertical Antenna

A couple of videos from Waters and Stanton looking at the Diamond BB7V Vertical Antenna for 2-30Mhz. Ideal for those of us with smaller gardens or for use when out away from home.


HF Vertical Antenna Type: Broadband - low SWR
Power Rating: 250 Watts.
Height: 22.00ft
Mount Type: Non-tilt bracket
Material: Aluminum
Connection Type: UHF female - SO-239


80 Meters
60 Meters
40 Meters
30 Meters
20 Meters
17 Meters
15 Meters
12 Meters
10 Meters

Price is £289.95


You could of course get similar results with a fishing pole, balun, and a length of wire so I guess you are paying for the convenience and ease of use that this antenna provides and although the specs say you don't need any radials I would suggest using some if possible to get the best out of the antenna.

7 April 2017

NEW: TYT TH-8600 'Out Soon'

The latest radio in an ever increasing lineup from TYT is the TH-8600 which is a full colour dual band mobile radio. Featuring 25 watts on VHF and 20 watts on UHF.

3 April 2017

Upcoming ISS Contact

"A direct contact via F6KCO with students from College Roger Martin Du Gard, Bellême, France is presently scheduled Fri 2017-04-14 15:20 UTC (16:20 BST) 48 deg. The scheduled astronaut is Thomas Pesquet, KG5FYG"

Listeners in western Europe should hear the Space Station transmissions on 145.800Mhz.