28 January 2016

CTX January AM Net

The CTX Team have announced their latest AM net, which will take place on Saturday 30th Janaury 2016

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"The latest in our series of the increasingly popular AM Nets!
6pm until 9pm (18:00-21:00 GMT/UTC)
We will call on Ch14 Mid Block (27.125Mhz) with a QSY channel (which we will pick on the night based upon band conditions), but our preferred net channel is Ch10 (27.075Mhz) - if Ch10 is not usable on the night, we try to stay on the lower part of the Mids (we don't use Ch9, Ch14 or Ch19 to hold the net on though)."

CTX Facebook Page: LINK

27 January 2016

Midland GB-1 PMR446 Now Available @ Nevada! - £129.95

"GB1 UK Version


Midland introduces into the market the first vehicular PMR446. GB1, small and compact, has a metal chassis guaranteeing sturdiness and durability.

Although the GB1 has the looks of a modern CB , it works on the frequencies of a standard UHF PMR466 radio, with the big advantage of not being subject to interference and noise generated by vehicle engines and of course, it's licence free.

The integrated magnetic antenna and the 12v socket allow immediate installation and a better performance than a CB radio.

Ideal for campers, cars, GB1 can also be used as a base station to talk to any walkie talkie in range and use the PMR446 as never done before.

Main features
  •     Microprocessor controlled frequency
  •     "Flip" function:  the radio can be mounted with the speaker facing up or down
  •     Adjustable squelch on 9 levels
  •     SCAN function
  •     LCD display
  •     Integrated magnetic antenna
  •     TOT (Time out timer)*
  •     Side tone: noise blanker at end of transmission
  •     Monitor function
  •     Busy channel (BCLO Busy Channel Lockout)*
  •     Broad/narrow band selection 25KHz/12.5KHz (only export version)*
  •     High/low power (only export version)

Technical specifications:
  •     Frequency: 446.00625 - 446.09375 MHz (440 - 471MHz export version)
  •     Channels: 8 + 91 programmable with CTCSS
  •     Channel spacing: 12,5KHz ( 12,5KHz / 25KHz export version)
  •     Output power: 0,5w  (5w export version)
  •     Power supply: 12.6vdc

Packing and codes:

Box single pack contents :-

Radio, microphone, microphone holder, integrated wired magnetic antenna, mounting bracket, fixing screws, supply cable with 12V car charger.
product code C1198

Optional Programming software   PRG - GB1  code C1227 (AVAILABLE SOON)
Complete with USB cable to connect to a PC"

Nevada Website: LINK

C4FM (Fusion) on The Yaesu FT-991

25 January 2016

The Basics of Switching Mode Power Supplies

Video: YouTube/TRXBench

Another interesting video from TRXBench, this time explaining switch mode power supplies. 

19 January 2016

DMR vs Analogue FM on UHF


Whilst I do understand the advantages that DMR can have, I much prefer the sound of analogue. The digital always sounds so compressed and is often very difficult to understand what is being said. Both systems have a place in the modern world but I feel that the death of analogue is still an awful long way off!!!!

18 January 2016

President Radios With 'muRata' Filters - Any Point?

Following on from the President Grant 2 Premium which includes the much talked about 'muRata' ceramic filter, it would appear that President are adding the filter to other models in their range with the President Teddy and President William apparently getting the upgrade treatment. 

But is this just a marketing ploy to repair their damaged reputation following several recent gaffs?

Do these 'muRata' filters actually make any difference?

Looking at the Grant 2 Premium there does not seem to be much difference in the way the radio handles noise compared to the non-muRata 'standard' Grant 2. The Grant 2 Premium certainly continues to suffer noise problems so the filter is by no means a wonder cure for a noisy receiver.

Anyway time will tell I guess, videos will no doubt appear on YouTube in due course.

So, muRata Filers - Good idea or just a marketing ploy? Let me know what you think!

9 January 2016

Jason Takes A Look at the Albrecht AE6110

Video: YouTube/V8CSW

Jason (CTX965) joins the Albrecht AE6110 owners club!!!

First Radios Appear on President USA Website

So after a bit of a wait the first radios have made an appearance on the President USA website.

Nothing exciting, just 2 x AM only Radios. They are obviously playing it very safe at the moment. We have the Johnson 2 USA and the Johnny 3 USA.



So what will be the first SSB radio? Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure it will have to be much better than the offerings we have over here in Europe unless they want to kill off their US business before it even gets going!

7 January 2016

Tim Peake Space Station LIVE Stream

Sandringham School will be streaming their contact with Tim Peake on board the International Space Station on Friday morning (8th Jan 2016) from 08:00 hours.

The live stream can be heard HERE

Alternatively those of you in the UK/Europe can tune to 145.800MHZ from approx. 08:47 and you may here the transmissions direct. 

6 January 2016

Broadband Over Powerlines - Users Face £5000 Fine!

Using Powerline Equipment For Your Broadband?

You could end up in court or even in jail!!!!

I have long campaigned to get rid of Broadband Over Powerline devices due to the high levels of interference they cause. Now, at long last, it would appear that OFCOM are taking this threat to the radio spectrum seriously....!

Mainly due to pressure from GCHQ by the sound of it....

If you use Powerline Equipment and it causes interference to radio users (That would be everyones powerline equipment due to the very nature of the devices and the way they work) you could face a fine of up to £5000 or a 3 month jail sentence. 

I personally feel that many people using this equipment have no idea of the possible harm they are causing to radio users and a better solution would be to ban the sale of these items in the first place or at least shift the responsibility to the retailers. If your local Argos, Maplin or your telecoms supplier were to be made liable they may well think twice before supplying these dreadful devices....!

Read full article on the Telegraph website here: LINK

5 January 2016

First School HAM Radio Contact With Tim Peake On Board The International Space Station

It has been announced that the first UK School HAM Radio contact with astronaut Tim Peake will take place on Friday 8th January 2016 at 08:47 GMT with students at Sandringham School, St Albans. The School will use the callsign GB1SAN.

Anyone with a VHF receiver/scanner/transceiver should be able to hear the Space Station transmissions on 145.800 MHz (+/- 3.5KHz due to the Doppler shift).

Read the full article on the Southgate Amateur Radio News website: LINK