6 January 2016

Broadband Over Powerlines - Users Face £5000 Fine!

Using Powerline Equipment For Your Broadband?

You could end up in court or even in jail!!!!

I have long campaigned to get rid of Broadband Over Powerline devices due to the high levels of interference they cause. Now, at long last, it would appear that OFCOM are taking this threat to the radio spectrum seriously....!

Mainly due to pressure from GCHQ by the sound of it....

If you use Powerline Equipment and it causes interference to radio users (That would be everyones powerline equipment due to the very nature of the devices and the way they work) you could face a fine of up to £5000 or a 3 month jail sentence. 

I personally feel that many people using this equipment have no idea of the possible harm they are causing to radio users and a better solution would be to ban the sale of these items in the first place or at least shift the responsibility to the retailers. If your local Argos, Maplin or your telecoms supplier were to be made liable they may well think twice before supplying these dreadful devices....!

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