CB Radio Frequency List

 (Now in a choice of colours)

Free to download and use, just click on the image to enlarge it then right click and save the image to your computer.

Calling Channels:

26.285Mhz - Channel 19 Super Low - USB CALLING (International) - NOT LEGAL IN UK

27.125Mhz - Channel 14 Mid Band - AM CALLING
27.185Mhz - Channel 19 Mid Band - FM/AM CALLING (Mobile)
27.275Mhz - Channel 27 Mid Band - USB CALLING
27.315Mhz - Channel 31 Mid Band - FM DX CALLING (Europe)
27.385Mhz - Channel 38 Mid Band - LSB CALLING (Mainly United States)

27.555Mhz - Channel 12 High Band - USB CALLING (International) - NOT LEGAL IN UK

27.73125Mhz - Channel 14 UK Band - FM CALLING (Home Base)
27.78125Mhz - Channel 19 UK Band - FM CALLING (Mobile)


  1. Very nice we could introduce other frequencies to CW FT8 JS8CALL SIM31 ROS ETC 7351 from Portugal. Paulo

  2. Hi, Could do with the above frequncies being added to the frequncy lists just a thought

  3. I have now made a dat file the same as Delboy's CB Radio Frequency List for the CRT SS 9900.

    Tony 26-CT-1952