28 June 2017

The Big Multimode Net 27/06/2017


Some action from this years Big Multimode Net in the UK.

27 June 2017

Retevis RT-82 Another TYT MD-2017 DMR Clone

These Dual Band DMR radios are coming thick and fast now with yet another MD-2017 clone, the Retevis RT-82.

So far I have seen these online being sold direct from China with the price being a tempting £170 so if you don't mind waiting up to 6 weeks for delivery this could be the DMR for you!

25 June 2017

27.275 The UK's Legal SSB Calling Channel

Just a reminder that the UK's legal SSB calling channel is on 27.275Mhz (Channel 27 Mid Band).

To help promote the calling channel a Facebook page has been created, please join and share this page and hopefully we can see an increase in stations on the SSB calling channel especially during the current sporadic E season.

Facebook Page: CLICK HERE

24 June 2017

NEW: Anytone AT-D868UV Dual Band DMR Radio

Looks like the market will soon be flooded with DMR radios as Anytone prepare to ship the new AT-D868UV dual band DMR handheld followed by the new AT-D5888 dual band DMR mobile radio..

   (Click to enlarge)

Originally planned for May 2017 it looks like the shipping date has slipped but the handheld should be available shortly with the mobile following later in the year.

Prices are to be announced.

19 June 2017

T2LT CB Antenna Giveaway!


So here's your chance to win a T2LT CB radio antenna courtesy of Stuart 26CTX1837. Stuart is one of those brave soles who treks up to the top of hills in all weather conditions to make some amazing contacts on CB radio. Just like and comment on his video and please subscribe to his channel.

President Lincoln II+ Modification Video

Video:YouTube/Bells CB

A short video showing you how to do the wideband modification on the President Lincoln 2+

18 June 2017

New Range of MyDEL Radios At Martin Lynch & Sons

Martin Lynch & Sons are now offering new budget HAM radios in the 'MyDEL' range which are all based on recent CB Radios.

The MyDEL Anytone AT-779V is a 2m mobile with 15w output: CLICK HERE

The MyDEL Anytone AT-779U is a 70cm mobile with 15w output: CLICK HERE

The MyDEL Anytone AT-779V/U is a dual band version of the radio with 18w output: CLICK HERE

Prices: £59.95 for the single band radios and £89.95 for the dual band radio.

Moonraker HT-500D = TYT MD-2017 In Disguise?

With all the recent talk about the new TYT MD-2017 dual band DMR handheld and some complaining that the radio may only be supplied by a limited number of 'chosen' retailers it would appear that the radio will indeed be available from other suppliers but found under different brand names. 

Moonraker are now taking orders for what appears to be exactly the same radio but being marketed as the Moonraker HT-500D.

So if you fancy the Moonraker version take a look here: CLICK

Or you may fancy the original TYT branded version from (hamdmr.co.uk) here: CLICK 

11 June 2017

Nude Amateur Radio Operators!

Something that I come across (Fnarr Fnarr!) on the internet today.... the Naturist Amateur Radio Club!!!!

So if you prefer to operate your radio in the nude this could just be the club for you but please look out for any nasty RF burns!!!

Take a peek here: CLICK FOR WEBSITE

New Antenna - Vortex Quasar MkII - Coming Soon!

News on the CB/HAM antenna front with a world exclusive as Dave, M0OGY has said he has his hands on the New Vortex Quasar Q82 MkII antenna for testing!

(Photo shows Dave M0OGY with Steve Lawman, owner of Vortex Antennas)

This antenna boasts exceptional performance for operators on the 10/11/12m bands.

So keep an eye out on Dave's YouTube channel ( LINK ) where you should see a video review of the new antenna soon.

9 June 2017

CB Radio: Channel 19 Madness 09/06/2017

President McKinley CB Radio Overview

Video:YouTube/Dave White

A run through of the operation and features of the new President McKinley CB Radio and below some DX action on the radio:

Video:YouTube/Dave White

6 June 2017

TYT MD-2017: Newcastle Airport Comms

A quick listen to some chatter from Newcastle Airport (Around 455Mhz) on the new TYT MD-2017, which will be available soon from HAMDMR.CO.UK

4 June 2017

EXCLUSIVE: TYT MD-2017 DMR (Part 2) - RX

More tests for the new TYT MD-2017 which will be available soon from HAMDMR.CO.UK

A quick listen to my 'Local' DMR repeater GB7XX which is only just within range for me. The repeaters signal is about S3 so sometimes suffers from drop outs at my end. 

On this occasion you will hear some stations discussing a problem whereby one of the stations can hear another station on Slot 1 coming through on Slot 2. The other stations on the repeater CANNOT here this problem....Very Strange!

2 June 2017

TYT MD-2017 EXCLUSIVE First Look (Part 1)

A quick look at the new TYT MD-2017 Dual Band DMR Handheld which should be available soon from HAMDMR.CO.UK 

1 June 2017

EXCLUSIVE: TYT MD-2017 'Real World' Photos

Following many requests here are the full size photos of the new TYT MD-2017 which I took and used in the earlier video - CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE 

The radio was kindly supplied by WWW.HAMDMR.CO.UK who are currently taking orders for this new radio.

The radio should be available in the next few weeks.

Price: Around £199 (Including the vital programming cable)

"The MD-2017 is a dual band DMR digital radio with Tier 2 capabilities. It will work in both analogue and digital modes and has two on screen tuners. The two can be set to UHF/VHF UHF/UHF VHF/VHF also mixing both analogue and digital.

Main Features:

IP67 Waterproof
Dual time slot for repeater use
Dual time slot for simplex use
Software upgradable
Lone worker
Basic & enhanced encryption
Private call, group call, all call
Analogue and digital
Stun / un-stun
Colour LCD display
GPS (optional extra. Not available at present)"


The new TYT MD-2017 Dual Band DMR Digital Radio, kindly supplied by www.hamdmr.co.uk who are taking orders for this radio now.

The radio should be available in the next few weeks.