27 August 2014

The Big Net 2014
Celebrating 33 years of legal UK CB radio!

Just a heads up - The Big Net will take place on 2nd November 2014, this time with ADDED AM/SSB!

The event, which marks legal CB radio in the UK, takes place each year and always has a good turn out.

The main net will take place on channel 33 UKFM (27.92125Mhz) with additional AM calling on 14 EU (27.125Mhz) and USB calling on 27 EU (27.275Mhz).


Twitter - Use #TheBigNet 

25 August 2014

HF Pedestrian Mobile - Bognor Regis 2014

David, M0DAD, shows what can be achieved operating HF pedestrian mobile!

Austria Gets It's Very Own Albrecht AE5890

Neuner-Funk is reporting a special version of the AE5890 for sale in Austria in order to comply with strict Austrian radio laws. The Albrecht AE5890AT is a locked down version of the popular AE5890EU which was easy to modify for additional power/channels and was ruled as illegal for sale in Austria. 

Taken from the Neuner-Funk FaceBook page:

"It is so far: the first AM/FM/SSB unit 4/4/12 Watts, what can legally be used in Austria, is available: the Albrecht AE5890 AT.

Conversion AE 5890 EU on Austria version. The device is hardware locked to 40 channels AM/FM/SSB with 4/4/12W. The multi-standard switch does not function, the device can be adjusted from the outside no longer on any other standards around. Subsequent sealing with the original manufacturer seal and changed papers.

The notification on the part of the Austrian Telecommunications Authority occurred, the ready-built unit is supplied with a new declaration of conformity.

This article is intended for Austrian customers who purchase a new device AE5890 and also in Austria legally want to use them, or but also for existing devices, which will be converted to. All devices, starting with serial number A3312, 190 and 260 are capable of conversion.

The price of 19.90 euro is understood without the device is merely the conversion to a new or existing used unit http://www.pmr-funkgeraete.de/Funkgeraete/CB-Funk/Albrecht-CB/Albrecht-AE5890AT-Umbau-fuer-Oesterreich-auf-AT-Version Austria version: 8795.html photos courtesy of Jörn Hofmann, Benson radio technology (Translated by Bing)"

Original Page: LINK

24 August 2014

Ham Fair Tokyo 2014

Taking a look at the radios on offer from Yaesu including the new Yaesu FT-991.

23 August 2014

UK AM/SSB Features Heavily in Radio User

The September edition of Radio User Magazine features a review of the latest version of the President Grant 2 by Dave, M0OGY. 

Dave's review, (4 pages long) goes into detail as to what you can expect from this great little radio. A radio which will probably be one of the best selling legal radios for a long time. 

Also in the magazine, Simon The Wizard gives his views on UK legal AM/SSB in his column "Comms From Europe" along with some interesting and possibly worrying information about Short Range Devices(SRD's) being legalised for use on 27MHz in Germany. 

22 August 2014

Muppets on Triple 5!

Yes it's true we do get Muppets on Triple 5! - It's not big and it's not clever!

13 August 2014

Overnight Charlie Tango Net - 23rd/24th August

Gary, 26CT104 has arranged another overnight DX Event. Information from the CT Forum:

"Late night/overnight CTX/CT Net this Bank Holiday Weekend :)

Saturday Night 23rd August into Sunday Morning 24th - 7pm onwards on Mid Block SSB and UK FM.

Preferred frequencies will be:

SSB Channel 28 Mid Block (27.285Mhz) - USB (Upper Sideband). If frequency is clear, will call on Ch27 (27.275Mhz) with QSY.

Channel 28 or 34 on UK FM (27.87125Mhz and 27.93125Mhz) - the long established Papa Lima net runs between 9pm and Midnight on Ch28, so will be joining that as part of the evening. 

Conditions are beyond our control, so channels will vary depending upon QRM/QRN - CTX stations will run until batteries run out or knacker sets in ;)

High ground stations will be out, so range will be good skip or no skip - hopefully most of the UK and possibly beyond, will be covered.

All welcome to call in, CT or non-CT, and we hope to have as many join in as possible :thumb:"