23 July 2014

SSB CALLING CHANNEL... It's all good

Channels in the 144MHz Band to be used for the Commonwealth Games

From the RSGB website:

Following negotiations with the RSGB to minimise the impact on radio amateurs, Ofcom has announced that it will temporarily authorise up to four 25kHz channels, between 144.000MHz and 144.100MHz, for the period 22 July to 4 August 2014, to support the operation of the Commonwealth Games. The frequencies to be used specifically exclude 144.0500MHz (CW Calling Frequency).
Usage of this spectrum by Games users will be geographically limited to an area centered on Glasgow, defined with a UK NGR of NS 585 650 and the surrounding areas covering a radius of 30 kilometres between 23rd July 2014 and 4th August 2014. Specific use of this spectrum will be limited to handheld equipment operating on a maximum of 5 Watts output. The frequencies affected are:

• 144.000 MHz (Centre frequency with a channel bandwidth of 25 kHz);
• 144.025 MHz (Centre frequency with a channel bandwidth of 25 kHz);
• 144.075 MHz (Centre frequency with a channel bandwidth of 25 kHz); and;
• 144.100 MHz (Centre frequency with a channel bandwidth of 25 kHz).
Ofcom emphasises that use of Primary Amateur spectrum is only for the specified time period and does not constitute a change of usage.
Ofcom are aware of the very short notice and will authorise this usage on a “non-interference, non-protection basis”.  Amateurs in the Glasgow area are requested to avoid these frequencies until 4th August.

19 July 2014

European Citizens Band Federation Congress 2014 in Brussels

The 14th European Citizens Band Federation Congress took place in Brussels on the 16th and 17th of July and for the first time since 1992 the UK had a representative in the shape of David Ogg (M0OGY). 

Dave's post from the Transmission 1 forum:

"I was invited to the 14th European Citizens' Band Federation congress in Brussels in Belgium.

It was very interesting with specialist Translators on hand and I certainly met some very interesting people involved with our hobby from throughout the EU.

Many points were discussed and I made a strong case for the United Kingdom users and my main issue was about the dreaded PLT devices.

I have filmed a video and will be uploaded to Youtube over the weekend.

In this picture which Vincente, one of the Delgates from Catalonia, posted on our ECBF website you can see Delegates from Catalonia, Spain, Belguim, Croatia, France, Portugal and the geezer in the black shirt is the bloke from the United Kingdom.

That was the night before, we were suited and Booted the following day for the main meeting.

I gave you my word I would get involved and try and get our point over.....more to follow"

The Main topics of discussion, from a UK perspective, were PLT Interference Issues, The new AM/SSB allocation, and the possibility of a VHF CB allocation.  

The other European delegates are said to be extremely pleased that the UK now has someone to speak about CB radio issues and Dave's input was very welcome at the meeting. 

From a personal point of view I would like to thank Dave for his efforts and I'm sure he will continue to be a fine ambassador for the UK CB radio community in the future. 

More photos can be seen on the FaceBook pages of Fernando M G Seixo: LINK

12 July 2014

European CB Congress 2014

As reported on the E.C.B.F. website (Link), the 14th European CB Congress takes place on 16th/17th July:

"The ECBF celebrates its 14th. European Congress of CB this July in Brussels. This conference, held every four years, will be used to, among other issues to discuss, choose a new Board, propose a reform of laws and approve the entry of new members.

For now, have confirmed their participation delegates from Belgium, Catalonia, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom. Pending the presence of delegates from Croatia, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland"

One major difference this time around is that we, the UK, are represented for the first time in over 20 years. Our representation comes in the form of Dave (M0OGY) following The Brigg And District Amateur Radio Club  becoming an E.C.B.F. member and his appointment earlier in the year as the United Kingdom Delegate for the E.C.B.F. 

I have no doubt that Dave will strive to make our collective voice heard on the things that matter to UK CB radio users, and I'm sure that you will all join me in wishing Dave well in his endeavors. 

11 July 2014

First POFUNG Seen In The Wild!

As reported recently on this blog, Baofeng are in the process of rebranding or, as shown in the photo above, "Brand Reimagine", to their new name - Pofung!

The photo shows what was until recently known as the Baofeng UV5R, now known as the Pofung UV5R.

Some will say "Same Sh!t - Different Name" - but I happen to like these handhelds. They work very well and cost very little. The RX on my Baofeng beats my Yaesu VX7R on 70cm and is equal on 2m and I could buy TEN Baofeng/Pofung handhelds for the price of ONE Yaesu!

8 July 2014

Charlie Tango Extreme DX Event!

Gary (Offplanet) from the Charlie Tango group will be active on the newly legal AM/SSB modes in the UK this weekend. Here is a copy of his post taken from the CT forum:

CTX on the newly-legal SSB mode this weekend! Saturday Night 12th July.

Session 1: 7pm-9pm.
Session 2: Midnight onwards into Sunday morning (until our batteries go flat!)

(All times are UTC/GMT +1 hour)

Mid Block 26.965Mhz to 27.405Mhz - Mids can be noisy and busy, so we will find a quiet channel and will endeavour to advise channel and mode via CTX and CT Facebook, CT Forum Shoutbox and word of mouth over the air. There's only 40ch, so we'll be easy enough to find.

There should be several high ground CTX stations active and the timings of the sessions should allow for some skip-shooting in Session 1 and also some very long point to point contacts when the QRM/QRN falls to a minimum during Session 2.

AM activity possible too - the band is too unpredictable to be sure what format the evening will take, but everyone is welcome to call in :thumb:

Currently confirmed CTX Ops will be in the South West and Wales, but others may join in as the time approaches.

Please listen out for the CTX team and be sure to give them a call!

You can keep up to date will all CTX activities on the Charlie Tango Forum: LINK

6 July 2014

Legal AM/SSB - Video Roundup!
(Not always legal radios mind!)