31 October 2017

Retevis RT90 - Videos

A whole series of interesting videos have appeared which show some of the features of the new Retevis DT90 Dual Band DMR mobile radio.....

29 October 2017

NEW - Retevis RT90 Dual Band DMR Radio

(Click images to enlarge)

The Big Net 2017 + Some Added Chat!


Many thanks to Gary for making this video with details of the upcoming UK CB Radio celebrations and other matters relating to CB Radio.

25 October 2017

CB RADIO - The 27.305 Mhz SSB Net Going Strong!


One of the well esablished regular SSB nets here in the UK. SSB has proved really popular since legalisation in 2014. 

Introduction to the IC-7610 SDR HF Transceiver


A look at some of the features on the new Icom IC-7610

Ailunce HD1 DMR Radio - First Videos

Videos: YouTube/Ailunce

A couple of short videos showing some of the features of the new Ailunce HD1 DMR Dual Band Handset.

23 October 2017

Halloween AM Net

A chance to dig out your old AM rigs as stations across the UK celebrate Halloween with an old fashioned and no doubt very spooky AM Net.

The Net will take place on 27.125 Mhz on 31st October 2017 between 19:00 and 21:00 GMT.

Why not go out mobile to a very dark and haunted area? 

You're sure to have the willies put up you! (Oh, no, stop it missus!)

22 October 2017

19 October 2017

The Big Net - 2nd November 2017

Thanks to Matt 26CT1994 for his promotional video for The Big Net 2017 celebrating 36 years of legal UK CB Radio.

18 October 2017

Ham Radio At The BBC - G8BBC

The BBC now has an Amateur Radio station based in Broadcasting House in central London. Broadcasts will be made under the special callsign G8BBC.

Galashiels Radio Rally 2017

Just a quick reminder that it's the Galashiels Radio Rally this weekend, Sunday 22nd October.

The Volunteer Hall
St John Street
Scottish Borders
Doors open at 11.15am (Disabled access from 11.00am) - Entry: £2.50

Always worth a visit even if it's just for the spectacular views of the surrounding area!

Here's a video from last years event:

More details: CLICK HERE

17 October 2017

Yaesu FT991/FT991A Gets System Fusion 2 Update

Yet another firmware update for the FT991/FT991A has appeared on the Yaesu website (Dated 17/10/2017).

This update adds the new DG-ID function to the radios (Known as System Fusion 2).


7 October 2017

5 October 2017

Special Offer: President Lincoln 2+ @ Nevada

Nevada Radio in the UK have announced a special offer on the President Lincoln 2+ which is the latest version (V4) of this 10/11/12m mobile radio.

3 October 2017

TYT MD-760 DMR Handheld (Same As Radioddity GD-77)

TYT have a new radio, the MD-760, which is their own branded version of the popular budget DMR radio the Radioddity GD-77 (Or should that be the other way round? It's so hard to tell these days!)

Features are expected to be the same as the GD-77:

Price is unknown but the GD-77 sells for under £80 here in the UK so I would expect a similar price. 

2 October 2017

CB Radio - Southern Net 28/09/17

Video: YouTube/CT2116 Tim

Some action from the weekly Southern Net here in the UK. Conditions appear to have been particularly good this time....

1 October 2017

Vortex Quasar Q82 MKII "On Air" Tests

Video: YouTube/M0OGY

Dave does some 'On-Air' tests of the new Vortex Quasar Q82 MkII

Moonraker Minor II and Major 42 @ Dave's

Dave, M0OGY, has posted a photo of himself holding two radios from Mooraker. The Minor II and the Major 42 handheld.

Dave tells me that he will be reviewing these radios soon, so look out for videos on his YouTube channel.

The Moonraker Minor II is priced at around £49

The Moonraker Major 42 Handheld is priced at around £79