28 August 2015

5 MHz (60M Band) - No Agreement On Proposals For WRC-15

With the World Radio Conference only 2 months away there is still no agreement as to what if anything will be proposed for the 5 MHZ (60M Band).

As you may know, at present there are a set of strict spot frequencies in this band. Many feel it is time for a proper allocation of 5.275 - 5.450 MHz, but it appears that agreement on this matter is far from certain.

Full article on the ARRL website: CLICK HERE

24 August 2015

Charlie Tango AM Net - Saturday 29th August

The guys over on the Charlie Tango forum have organised an AM net to take place on Saturday 29th August 2015.

Calling will take place on the UK AM calling frequency 27.125 (14 Mid Band). Please remember to QSY when contact is made to leave the calling frequency clear for other users. 

AM was legalised in the UK in June 2014 but is rarely used, so if you get the chance check out this activation and see if you can make some contacts.  

10 August 2015

QRP Contact with Steve PJ4DX in Bonaire 6/8/15

Video: Youtube/Carl Gorse

Carl has been making some fantastic portable contacts recently. This video shows him talking from the North East of England to Bonaire Island (Off the coast of Venezuela)


Video: Youtube/26CTX1059