12 November 2018

No McKinley EU This Year!

President have confirmed that their long awaited McKinley EU SSB CB radio will not be available this year.

Responding to an email sent by Robert Gibbs, a member of the President McKinley Users Group on Facebook, President said that they could not give an exact date, but the radio would not be on sale before the end of the year.

So the wait continues......🤔

4 November 2018

Video - The Big Net 2018 Gary 26CT104

Video:YouTube/104's Outdoors

Yet another 'Big Net' video, this time from Gary.....

VIDEO - The Big Net 2018 - Fred In The Shed!


Another cracking video of this years 'Big Net', celebrating 37 years of legal CB radio in the UK. This time from Fred In The Shed in the South East of England. Great to see that his first contact was with a 'new' breaker, just goes to show that events like this encourage new and returning stations to pick up the mic as well as encouraging existing breakers to get on the air more often. 

Hopefully new friendships are created thus boosting activity across the bands....!

VIDEO - The Big Net 2018


On Friday 2nd November 2018 the UK celebrated 37 years of legal CB radio. 

'The Big Net' is an annual event which always proves to be very popular. Indeed, here in the North East of England channel 37 was absolutely buzzing and several other nets popped up on other channels due to 37 being so overcrowded.

Myself, after an hour or so on channel 37 talking to loads of stations on FM, I ended up on mid band SSB with a net stretching across Northumberland, Durham, Teeside and Tyne and Wear.

Anyway here's a video from Jason in the South West of England. He say's it wasn't as busy as he expected it would be in his part of the world, but the video still shows that there was no shortage of stations taking to the air!!!