31 December 2019

Dave M0OGY - End Of Year Video


Dave takes a look back at 2019 and looks forward to 2020 in his end of year video....

I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing Dave a very Happy New Year and we can all look forward to seeing his excellent videos and magazine articles in the year to come. 

29 December 2019

Legalities Of Posting Videos Online

Most of us do it... We hear an interesting contact on CB or Amateur Radio, make a video and post it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.

But it it legal? Are there any privacy issues?

24 December 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As we are about to enter a new decade I'd just like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

We are at the very bottom of the solar cycle and the bands have been very quiet DX wise, however the regular weekly nets on SSB and AM go from strength to strength all across the UK.

Fingers crossed that we see a bit more DX activity in the year ahead. Things can only get better as they say.....

16 December 2019

Yaesu 857D Discontinued?

Rumour going around that Yaesu have discontinued their 857D.
(To be confirmed)

It's been a good workhorse for many an operator. Maybe they have a new radio in the pipeline... 891 with 2m and 70cm perhaps?

14 December 2019

Radio User - The Return of CB Radio

The January 2020 edition of Radio User Magazine is out now online and in the shops in the next few days. It sees the return of CB Radio with Dave M0OGY and his new regular slot.

The magazine dropped CB Radio completely from its pages a while back but to be honest it hasn't had a UK CB Radio perspective for many years having focused mainly on the hobby from a European angle. However that is all about to change as Dave promises to be the voice of UK CB Radio. 

I'll be taking a wander down to my local WMSmith's this week to pick up my first copy of the magazine in many years... At last there will be something worth reading in it!!!! 😉

Northern Ireland Weekly Nets

Video:YouTube/68WR048 Marty

Video from this weeks Northern Ireland Nets which take place on 27.365 and 27.525 on Thursday evenings.

SSB nets go from strength to strength here in the UK so it's always worth flicking around the bands to see if you can get in on the action.

12 December 2019

LAMCO CB/10M Radios

LAMCO, here in the UK, currently have some great prices on CRT CB/10M radio equipment:

CRT SS 6900N | 10/11m SSB CB Radio Transceiver - £134.95 - LINK

CRT SS 7900 | 10M Radio AM FM SSB CB Radio - £149.95 - LINK

CRT SS 9900 | 10/11m SSB AM FM CB Radio - £154.95 - LINK

5 December 2019

What's in the box???


Looking suspiciously like a Rotel RVC-240.... But it's not!

Tuesday LSB Net 03/12/2019

Video:YouTube/brian badonde

Great to hear Roy, 104CI101 joining in with the fun on the Tuesday night LSB net here in the UK....