17 July 2018

Southern And South East PMR Net (UK)

Information from Michael on Facebook regarding the weekly PMR Net in Southern UK....

The net is chaired by Mr Ray (CT2290) every Monday evening from 20:00 onwards. Located around East & West Sussex, we do get stations call in from all over the south, from London & Kent all the way down to Hampshire & Berkshire. Further, if conditions allow!
So if you're free on a Monday evening and would like test out your PMR radio or maybe a new antenna build then please do give a shout in.
We are a friendly bunch and we do give people a chance to work everyone.

Channel 8 PMR - 446.09375mhz
Monday Nights - 20:00 - 22:00 UK Time (and later if needed)

See you there!


This PMR Net has been running for quite some time and has proved very popular so why not listen in and see if you can hear anyone?

AND don't forget the upcoming PMR DX Weekend in August....

13 July 2018

President Bill Comes to the USA/Canada

News from the President Electronics USA Facebook page is that the President Bill will be available in the USA and Canada from the end of August this year. 

They'll have to lock out the multi-norm channels and the FM mode of course, leaving it as a standard 40 channel AM radio....... 😁

12 July 2018

President Bill - Videos

A couple of short videos showing the President Bill CB radio in action....

Video:YouTube/ARTERO Statii Radio CB

The President Bill is available now, priced at around £90-£100 in the UK.

  • 40 channels AM / FM
  • 12 V
  • USB 5V / 2.1A
  • Up/down channel selector
  • Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
  • Manual squelch and ASC
  • Multi-functions LCD display
  • S-meter
  • ANL filter, NB, HI-CUT 
  • Beep Function
  • Roger Beep
  • TOT (Time out timer)
  • Front microphone plug
  • Microphone Electret or Dynamic
  • External speaker jack

11 July 2018

President Bill + CRT XENON @ Knights Soon

The image says it all really, Knights are expecting the President Bill soon! Priced at £89.50

Mind you, Thursday is the 12th.....


Also expected in the next few days is the CRT XENON priced at £65

9 July 2018

CRT Xenon Available NOW

CRT have announced that their Xenon CB radio is now available and should be with dealers in the next few days. Priced at €75 (£66 at current euro/pound rate) you certainly get plenty for your money....

3 July 2018

Real or Fake - Nagoya NA-771

Video:YouTube/Mike 26CT1074

One of the most popular replacement antennas for you little handy is the Nagoya NA-771 but there are lots of fakes out there so here's some information as to how to tell which is real and which is fake....

30 June 2018

CB Radio - The North East Net 27th June 2018

Audio from The North East Net on 27th June 2018, chaired by 'Ozzy' 26LR006 located at Danby Head in North Yorkshire which is about 62 miles from where I was parked up in Mid-Northumberland.

Thanks to these stations who took the time for a chat with myself when I called into the net:

26LR006 Ozzy
26TM593 Chris
26BT30 Paul
26JB259 Jason
26NC01 Nigel
26PG018 Paul
26CT2608 Andy
26TM511 Gerry

YAWN! - Another AM/FM Radio From President - Truman II

Hardly worth a mention to be honest... It's beginning to feel like Groundhog Day when it comes to President and their 'amazing 12 months of super duper radio stuff' with YET ANOTHER AM/FM ONLY radio being announced for July!

It's the President Truman II, with specifications that you could copy and paste from many of the other radios President have announced so far this year.

40 channels AM / FM - (Multi-EU)

Manual squelch and ASC

Seven Display Colours

Public Address


Key beep

Roger beep

SWR readout

Emergency (EMG 1 & 2)

Key lock

Let's recap:

So far this year....

JAN - President Ronald - AM/FM
FEB - President Bill - AM/FM
MAR - President Richard - AM/FM
APR - President Jimmy III - AM/FM
MAY - President Walker II - AM/FM
JUN - President Taylor IV - AM/FM
JUL - President Truman II - AM/FM

It's almost 'How many times can we get away with releasing the same radio in a different case?'

I truly applaud Presidents commitment to the hobby but come on, give us something that really is new and exciting with features people actually want!!!!!

27 June 2018

The Big Net - Tonight's The Night!

Celebrating 4 years of LEGAL AM and SSB here in the UK, stations up and down the country will be taking the air so get your ears on good buddies!

PLEASE NOTE: There is another event taking place tonight but due to the threat of legal action from the event organiser I am unable to mention it.........

26 June 2018

World CB Radio Allocations

I've had requests to publish my World CB Allocation list here on the blog which I previously featured on my "Delboy Enterprises" website, so here it is.

CLICK TO ENLARGE the image, right click to save it!