29 July 2021

Anytone AT-779 70MHz Amateur Radio Review


Dave, M0OGY takes a look at the Anytone AT-779 and makes a few contacts on the 4m band...

24 July 2021

United States gets FM CB Radio (After 63 Years!)


It's only taken 63 years but it looks like Frequency Modulation is coming the USA!

Currently AM and SSB modes are legal on the mid band 26.965 - 27.405, however documents recently published on the FCC website show that Cobra's 2017 petition to allow CB radio users to have FM has been successful:

CB radio equipment will still be required to operate on AM but will soon have the option to include FM if a manufacturer so wishes. 

Of course, it remains to be seen if American operators embrace FM as an operating mode but I'm sure many people will welcome this long overdue decision. 

20 July 2021

One Four Wednesdays - CB 40th Anniversary


As part of the 40th Anniversary of legal CB Radio in the UK, people are being invited to shout "One-Four A Copy" once again every Wednesday evening from 19:00 hours (UK Time).

So tune into channel 14 on the UKFM band (27.73125) and give out a call.

More information can be found on Facebook - Search for "40 Channels 40 Years".


3 July 2021

CB Radio Anniversary - Kent On The Air

Video:YouTube/British CB Radio

Highlights from a special activation celebrating 7 years of legal AM and SSB from the Kent On The Air team....   

27 June 2021

CB Radio Anniversary Events TODAY!


There should be plenty of activity on the CB today as the stations throughout the UK celebrate the 7th Anniversary of the legalisation of AM and SSB.

Activity will be centred on:

Channel 14 (27.125) - AM Calling

Channel 27 (27.275) - USB Calling

(Please remember to QSY if those channels are busy in your area)

The Clyde Valley guys will be operating all day, covering Southern Scotland, Northern England and beyond.

The Kent stations will be active on 27.055 (Channel 8 Mid Band) AM with a LIVE STREAM available on their YouTube Channel: CLICK HERE

Regular Sunday Nets will also be on the air from The Delta Romeo DX Group, Sid's Sunday DX and The South East Sunday Net.

So why not get on the air, see if you can get some great contacts and help to celebrate CB Radio in the UK!

7 June 2021

Delta Romeo DX Group Special Event

The Delta Romeo DX Group here in the UK, are celebrating their 6th Anniversary with a special event starting 11th June until 13th June inclusive. 

Conditions have been been really good recently so listen out and be sure to give them a call.

30 May 2021

PMR446 England to France 500mW (119km)


We've had some amazing conditions on the CB and HF bands this past few weeks but it's always a good idea to check out the high frequencies as well. 

This video features a brilliant cross-channel contact from Sussex in England to Normandy in France on PMR446, using a Floureon FC200 with just 500mw.

Distance = 119km/74 miles

29 May 2021

Video - Mid Wales Vintage UK FM Net

Video:YouTube/AlBarst 26TC101

The Mid Wales Vintage UK FM Net took place on Thursday 27th May and here we have a video from Allan 26TC101....

26 May 2021

Mid Wales DX Group Vintage Evening

This year we celebrate 40 years of legal UK CB radio....

A special event is taking place on Thursday 27th May - The Mid Wales DX Group Special FM Vintage Evening.

From 19:00 hours (UK Time) on channel 36 UKFM (27.95125).

So get your old 27/81 CB radios out of the cupboard, power them up and give a shout!

18 May 2021

UK CB Radio Anniversary 27th June 2021


It's almost that time of year again...

On 27th June 2021 we will celebrate the 7th anniversary of the legalisation of AM and SSB here in the UK.

It's a Sunday so plenty of opportunity to get on the air!



*Please QSY to a clear frequency once contact is made