28 January 2014

President Lincoln 2 EXPORT MOD
Info from Simon The Wizard!

20 January 2014

19 January 2014

Grant 2 or Lincoln 2?
So I'm poised to buy a new radio but should it be the Grant 2 or Lincoln 2?
After hearing some of the recent news about the Grant 2 I think it will make a fantastic LEGAL CB radio. It appears to have the build quality and performance of a top notch radio. It has AM/FM/SSB for the new European standards which come into force in the UK in JULY 2014. But as an EXPORT radio it would appear to be a little limited. It can do the ZERO's and the FIVE's but that's it! If you want to talk to some one on say 27.358, you've had it. So I think this will be my choice for a standard CB radio.
The Lincoln 2 - We are still waiting for details of how this radio actually works but assuming the radio itself works well on TX/RX it now seems a better option if you require an EXPORT or 10m radio.
I'll definitely be buying one, maybe I'll just buy both and see which is best for myself!!!!

17 January 2014


The world of CB radio is awash with talk of new AM/FM/SSB radios which will become legal here in the UK from July this year.

UK CB users have waited for over 30 years to be able to legally use AM and SSB.

But which radio to get?????

I went for the Albrecht AE5890EU just before Xmas and so far I'm very happy with the performance but should I have waited?

The President Grant 2 and Lincoln 2 are both on the horizon.

Out of the two I prefer the look of the president Grant 2 but I'm still intrigued by what the Lincoln 2 may have to offer.

Only time will tell I guess, but I have my debit card in my hand and I'm ready to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!!!!!

In the meantime please vote for the new UK Calling channels here:

The Albrecht AE5890EU Legal AM/FM/SSB CB Radio - £199.99

Specifications :
Up/down scan and memo scan
LCD with frequency and channel readout
RF and mic gain controls
Dualwatch, CH9 and CH19 switching
Separate controls for volume, squelch, and R.I.T (clarifier)
Adjustable power output
10 step power/S meter
5 x memory channels
Menu functions : beep, roger beep, time out timer,  7 x panel colours
6 pin microphone socket, extension speaker socket
Shift and Repeater shift features for amateur repeater use on the ten metre 28MHz Amateur band.

Country codes :-
UK and int : 40FM/4watts
D : 80FM/4watts . 40AM/4watts . 40SSB/12watts
EC : 40FM/4watts
E new : 40FM/4watts . 40AM/4watts . 40SSB/12watts
PO : 40FM/4watts . 40AM/4watts .  40SSB/12watts

President Grant 2 EXPORT frequencies:

A  26965-27405
B  27405-27855
C  26515-26955
D  27865-28305
E  26065-26505
F  28315-28755
G  25615-26055
H  28765-29205
I   29215-29655
J   29665-30105
Photos of the NEW President Grant 2 from www.simonthewizard.com

* Note the white wire jumper at the bottom of the photo (Cough, Cough!)

President Grant 2 - £199.99
Is this the cheapest UK price from Thunderpole?

Simon The Wizard has his hands on the new President Grant 2



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