19 January 2014

Grant 2 or Lincoln 2?
So I'm poised to buy a new radio but should it be the Grant 2 or Lincoln 2?
After hearing some of the recent news about the Grant 2 I think it will make a fantastic LEGAL CB radio. It appears to have the build quality and performance of a top notch radio. It has AM/FM/SSB for the new European standards which come into force in the UK in JULY 2014. But as an EXPORT radio it would appear to be a little limited. It can do the ZERO's and the FIVE's but that's it! If you want to talk to some one on say 27.358, you've had it. So I think this will be my choice for a standard CB radio.
The Lincoln 2 - We are still waiting for details of how this radio actually works but assuming the radio itself works well on TX/RX it now seems a better option if you require an EXPORT or 10m radio.
I'll definitely be buying one, maybe I'll just buy both and see which is best for myself!!!!