8 July 2014

Charlie Tango Extreme DX Event!

Gary (Offplanet) from the Charlie Tango group will be active on the newly legal AM/SSB modes in the UK this weekend. Here is a copy of his post taken from the CT forum:

CTX on the newly-legal SSB mode this weekend! Saturday Night 12th July.

Session 1: 7pm-9pm.
Session 2: Midnight onwards into Sunday morning (until our batteries go flat!)

(All times are UTC/GMT +1 hour)

Mid Block 26.965Mhz to 27.405Mhz - Mids can be noisy and busy, so we will find a quiet channel and will endeavour to advise channel and mode via CTX and CT Facebook, CT Forum Shoutbox and word of mouth over the air. There's only 40ch, so we'll be easy enough to find.

There should be several high ground CTX stations active and the timings of the sessions should allow for some skip-shooting in Session 1 and also some very long point to point contacts when the QRM/QRN falls to a minimum during Session 2.

AM activity possible too - the band is too unpredictable to be sure what format the evening will take, but everyone is welcome to call in :thumb:

Currently confirmed CTX Ops will be in the South West and Wales, but others may join in as the time approaches.

Please listen out for the CTX team and be sure to give them a call!

You can keep up to date will all CTX activities on the Charlie Tango Forum: LINK