1 June 2017

EXCLUSIVE: TYT MD-2017 'Real World' Photos

Following many requests here are the full size photos of the new TYT MD-2017 which I took and used in the earlier video - CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE 

The radio was kindly supplied by WWW.HAMDMR.CO.UK who are currently taking orders for this new radio.

The radio should be available in the next few weeks.

Price: Around £199 (Including the vital programming cable)

"The MD-2017 is a dual band DMR digital radio with Tier 2 capabilities. It will work in both analogue and digital modes and has two on screen tuners. The two can be set to UHF/VHF UHF/UHF VHF/VHF also mixing both analogue and digital.

Main Features:

IP67 Waterproof
Dual time slot for repeater use
Dual time slot for simplex use
Software upgradable
Lone worker
Basic & enhanced encryption
Private call, group call, all call
Analogue and digital
Stun / un-stun
Colour LCD display
GPS (optional extra. Not available at present)"