18 January 2016

President Radios With 'muRata' Filters - Any Point?

Following on from the President Grant 2 Premium which includes the much talked about 'muRata' ceramic filter, it would appear that President are adding the filter to other models in their range with the President Teddy and President William apparently getting the upgrade treatment. 

But is this just a marketing ploy to repair their damaged reputation following several recent gaffs?

Do these 'muRata' filters actually make any difference?

Looking at the Grant 2 Premium there does not seem to be much difference in the way the radio handles noise compared to the non-muRata 'standard' Grant 2. The Grant 2 Premium certainly continues to suffer noise problems so the filter is by no means a wonder cure for a noisy receiver.

Anyway time will tell I guess, videos will no doubt appear on YouTube in due course.

So, muRata Filers - Good idea or just a marketing ploy? Let me know what you think!