21 April 2017

ISS: Next School Contacts

The next International Space Station school contacts have been announced.....

"A direct contact via F8KGY with students from Lycée Hélène Boucher, Thionville, France, is presently scheduled for Thu 2017-04-27 08:52 UTC (09:52 BST) 83 deg. with astronaut Thomas Pesquet, KG5FYG"


​"A direct contact via SX2ISS with students at the 14th Elementary School Katerini, Greece, is presently scheduled for Sat 2017-04-29 12:02:10 UTC(13:02 BST) 69 deg. with astronaut Fyodor Yurchikhin, RN3FI"

The space station's transmissions can be heard across Western/Central Europe on 145.800Mhz FM