6 December 2018

NEW President Walker II - HOW MUCH?

The NEW President Walker II AM/FM only radio has been seen online on a German retailers website for 298 EUROS which equates to £265...........


That's a lot of dosh for an AM/FM only radio!

Of course the price could just be a guide price and may go up or down but it will be interesting to see if people are willing to pay this sort of money for a radio without SSB.

It no doubt has some hidden goodies (Extra bands, more power etc) but still makes your eyes water!

It does appear to be the same or very similar radio to the upcoming President Richard 10m radio so if they have the same board inside I would expect the possibility that both of them will cover 10/11m (26-30Mhz) with a mod.

UPDATE: Simon The Wizard tells me that he has one and the price was around €189 (Plus shipping) - PHEW!!!!! So it looks like the €298 is just a placeholder price! Talk about giving people a heart attack!

So at 189 EUROS that equates to £168, but you can expect it to be more like £179 - £199 in rip-off Britain - Still a fair old price for an AM/FM only radio for sure!

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