3 June 2014

UK Pre-Legal SSB - Activity Reported!
I have received reports, and indeed have heard myself, an increase in activity on the UK SSB mid-band calling channel. It would appear that the word is spreading across the UK and beyond. 
Channel 27(27.275MHz) has seen quite a bit of USB activity over the past few weeks with many UK stations calling for contacts and stations from Sweden, France, Holland, Germany and Italy also heard trying to contact UK stations. Stations appear to be calling on channel 27 and then they QSY up or down a few channels. A regular station calling from the South Coast of the UK has been heard calling on 27 then moving to channel 30 where he has been making lots of contacts around the UK and Europe.
This is a very encouraging start so get yourself onto channel 27 (27.275MHz) and have a listen. When SSB becomes legal (Probably next month) give a call out and see who you get! To those of you who already have legal SSB why not give it a try now!