24 December 2014

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

It's been an interesting year, legalisation of AM/SSB after many years of campaigning which has brought a good number of new/returning users back to the airwaves. 

There are more radios and accessories available now than ever before in the history of cb radio! Some good, some not so good! But certainly no shortage of choices!

Band conditions, whilst not the best, have still allowed some amazing contacts!

Here's to another interesting year of radio next year!

And a personal milestone - Just today I've reached 8 MILLION visitors across the Delboy Network(Websites/YouTube/Blog etc) - WOW! Thanks for visiting my various sites, I hope I can continue to provide information and entertainment in the future. 

Who knows I may reach 10 MILLION visitors by next Xmas!!!!

Anyway best wishes to you all.