4 December 2016

Thieves 'Using Car Key Jammers'

Seen on the BBC News website over the weekend....

I guess this isn't news to most of us, I would think that we all know someone who finds it funny to 'jam' car key fobs in car parks using their Baofeng handset and laugh as the car owner desperately tries to lock/unlock their car! Oh, What Fun!!!!

But it would appear that this 'pastime' has taken a turn for the worse as thieves are using radio transmitters to prevent car owners from locking their cars without their knowledge then simply opening the car doors and taking whatever they can find.

Not good, and something which could damage the reputation of radio users around the world. 

I'm sure that along with many other radio operators I have always thought that putting these car key fobs on a frequency which is in the middle of the 70cm Ham Band simply wasn't a good idea (The exact frequency can easily be found using a Google search). There was always going to be the potential for interference from licenced radio users if they were operating in the local vicinity and since the introduction of very cheap Chinese handhelds which are freely available to anyone I guess it was inevitable that this sort of thing would occur.

Anyway take a look at the article on the BBC website: CLICK HERE