7 December 2016

President McKinley EU???

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With the release of the President McKinley USA in the next few days many operators in the UK and Europe are wondering if the radio could appear in EU format...

A search around the net uncovered the image above which appears to show the radio with FM and the EU name. It's probably a mock-up but with some small changes the radio could be developed for UK/EU use.

All that is required is the addition of FM Mode and the ability to switch between the EU CB Radio standards (Multi-Norm). Weather channels would need to be removed of course as they do not function outside the USA. 

So what do you think?

Would you like to see an EU version of the President McKinley???

In the meantime here's Simon The Wizards video of the McKinley USA in action:

You can read more about the radio on Simon's Blog: HERE

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