25 November 2016

Black Friday - NO THANKS!

It would appear that the Brits have given Black Friday a big 'thumbs down' when it comes to radio related deals if comments of various forums are to be believed.

Poor offers which came only weeks after massive price rises just wont cut it I'm afraid!

Some companies put prices up by 30% or more last month and offering 10% off for Black Friday still means that equipment is much more expensive than it was just weeks ago. 

I said at the time of the price rises that people should keep their cash in their pockets in protest and it looks like that is exactly what has happened.

Now let's see how long it takes for prices to come down again... Maybe some Xmas and New Year deals??????

One thing for sure, British radio operators have had enough of being screwed over......

... and have you seen the price rises on CB radio gear in the past few days? 

£279 for a President Grant 2 Premium - You're having a laugh!!!!!!