24 May 2014

Lafayette Evolution On Sale Now!

Thunderpole have the new Lafayette Evolution CB radio in stock and on sale now. The radio has a classic look which can be customised by changing the front panel and control knobs. 

The radio is DIN mountable and the backlight can be changed to BLUE or GREEN.

Channel configuration:

U -    UK            80ch 4 watts FM (UK + EU)
E -    Europe      40ch 4 watts AM/FM
D4 - Germany   40ch AM 4 watts/80ch FM 4 watts
PL - Poland        40ch AM/FM 4 watts (Zero's)

Other Features: 

Analogue signal/power meter, PA, Auto Squelch, Scan, 12/24 volt, Mic Gain, RF Gain. 

Price: £129.99

Will it be a winner? - Well I like the look of it and the nice touch of being able to customise the fascia and knobs but with the upcoming legalisation of AM/SSB I think I would have liked to have seen a multi-mode version of the same radio... Maybe that is yet to come?

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