22 May 2014

President Going All Out To Restore Reputation?

President Electronics have embarked on an advertising campaign to restore their recently battered reputation following the problems surrounding their flagship radio - the President Lincoln 2.

As you will know some of the Lincoln 2 radios were plagued with problems but President were quick to act, modifying radios under warranty to "Version 2" specifications and then quickly launching a new "Version 3" radio. They are certainly not a company to sit back and do nothing when a problem arises. 

We then saw front and back page adverts in Radio User Magazine in partnership with Nevada Radio. The advertising onslaught continues in Junes edition of the magazine as well (See images below - Click to enlarge).

No doubt President hope this high profile campaign and their swift action will restore their battered image amongst the radio community and they are sure to capitalise on the upcoming legalisation of AM and SSB here in the UK.

I myself have the Grant 2 and the Lincoln 2. The Grant 2 is a lovely legal CB radio which is likely to become the best selling legal AM/FM/SSB radio in the UK. 

My Lincoln 2 has been upgraded to Version 2 and is now working very well indeed. 

So, have President done enough to restore faith in their products? 

Only time and sales will tell!!!!