28 June 2019

UK CB Radio Anniversary - 5 Years Of Legal AM and SSB

It's difficult to believe that FIVE YEARS have passed since the legalisation of AM and SSB here in the UK. Over that time regular nets have sprung up and are more popular than ever. 

Myself, I was out mobile at a local high point trying out the new President McKinley EU. I made 7 contacts on the SSB calling channel 27.275 USB, which is pretty good up here in the North East and I was able to hear many more stations calling but wasn't able to contact them due to only having 12 watts output on the McKinley.

I also called into the North East Net and spoke to several stations around Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Durham and Yorkshire.

Reports online seem to suggest that many hundreds of stations were active across the country. 

If you were one of them or if you've got an old CB radio tucked away in the cupboard, why not take part in the next big UK CB Radio event on 2nd November 2019 when we celebrate THIRTY EIGHT years of legal CB Radio! (Yes 38 years!)

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