11 June 2019

President McKinley EU @ Rigsearch


Jon from Rigsearch has his hands on one of the first President McKinley EU radios. Bought from Jabber Products (Cost believed to be around £255).

Prices are certainly beginning to fall on this new radio. Many potential buyers believe that the early prices are simply far too high. Yes, they are happy to pay a small premium for a great radio but as I've said before I feel a price point below £250 and possibly nearer £229 would be about right.  I have seen a small number of radios on eBay for under £250 and i think that it will be these sellers who see the most sales. 

In any event enjoy Jon's video and I look forward to many more McKinley videos in the coming weeks.

Hopefully people will get their hands on their new radios in time to celebrate FIVE YEARS of legal AM and SSB in the UK on 27th June....


  1. Do you know what the power output is ? TIA

  2. In legal mode: 4w AM/FM and 12w SSB

    Export mode: Around 20w