25 June 2019

5 Years Of Legal AM/SSB

Just a reminder that this Thursday the 27th of June 2019 is the 5th Anniversary of the legalisation of AM and SSB here in the UK.

To celebrate, stations right across the UK will be on the air from 18:00 hours BST on the mid-band (26.965 - 27.405). There will be organised nets in many parts of the country and stations are encouraged to use the UK calling channels when looking for contacts outside the organised nets:

AM Calling on channel 14 - 27.125
USB Calling on channel 27 - 27.275

(Please QSY off the calling channels once contact has been made)

So make sure you are on the air this Thursday as it will your best chance of making new contacts which will hopefully lead to more activity on the bands in the future. 

Later in the year on 2nd November 2019 we will also have a celebration for the 38th Anniversary of legal CB in the UK. One giant nationwide net will take place on channel 38 UKFM (27.97125)


  1. Be listening out from near Lands End Cornwall!

  2. I'll be up the hill calling mainly on AM with the odd scan through ssb