18 January 2017

Yaesu FT-991 Upgrade Kit - HOW MUCH?

Martin Lynch & Sons have announced the price of the long awaited Yaesu FT-991 upgrade kit which basically adds a true Real Time Waterfall/Spectrum Scope display to the radio.

And the price.... £480 + POSTAGE! (Chokes on my cup of tea!)

"This Upgrade kit allows Yaesu Musen Distributors and Repair Service Centers to add the following advanced features of the FT-991A to the original FT-991.

- Real-Time Spectrum Scope
- Multi-Color Waterfall Display
- Select from Seven Spectrum Scope Display Colours
- Select from Seven Display Colours or Multi-Colour Waterfall Display"

£480 to add a real time spectrum scope?????? (The multi-color features can be added for free via a firmware update!)

As an early adopter of the Yaesu FT-991 I have already paid out more money for my FT-991 than the upgraded FT-991A costs now so there is little chance of me spending another £500 for the single extra feature that this upgrade offers.
Link to ML&S Website: CLICK

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