16 January 2017

Who Visits The Blog?

Just a quick look at where the Blog visitors originated over the past 12 months..... 

Below are the Top Ten countries where the Blog is viewed:

01 United Kingdom

02 United States

03 Russia

04 Germany

05 Italy

06 France

07 Netherlands

08 Spain

09 Brazil

10 Slovakia

(The Blog had visitors from over 150 countries in 2016)

The most popular searches which brought people to the blog were:


President Lincoln 2

Yaesu FT991

SSB Nets

President Grant 2


CB Radio

HAM Radio

Amateur Radio


(Most searches were directed to the Blog via Google's search engine - No big surprise there!)

Other items:

The majority of visitors were using the Chrome browser (55%) and were using a Windows PC (42%), however those viewing on Android devices were only slightly behind at 32% with iPhone users down at 6%.

Internet explorer users accounted for 12% of visits with Firefox users accounting for 15% of visits.

Visitor numbers continue to rise with December 2016 being the busiest month ever for the Blog!

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