4 January 2017

President BARRY FM/ANDY AM/FM UK Price Revealed

Knights Electrocom have announced prices for the new President BARRY FM and President ANDY AM/FM.

The President BARRY FM will cost £74.50 - LINK

The President ANDY AM/FM will cost £139.50 - LINK

Looking at the boards inside theses radios and it immediately becomes apparent that they are in fact THE SAME radio. The President ANDY simply has a few extra surface mounted components so how there can be such a large difference in the price is beyond me.

£65 more for a few tiny little components??? Really????

I'm not blaming the retailers by the way, President will set the prices and the retailers will have to charge the going rate!

If you accept that an FM only low end radio is worth £74.50 (I don't) then a more realistic price for the ANDY AM/FM would surely be £99.50??????

But £139.50 for a basic AM/FM radio when you can buy an Anytone 5555 for under £120......

(....Bangs head against the wall!!!!)

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