4 September 2016

NEW Superstar 3900????

A new website has appeared online for Superstar CB radios: www.wearesuperstar.co.uk

It would appear that they are re-launching the Superstar 3900 as a new EU Legal radio.

The Superstar 3900EU will come with the standard legal 40 mid band 4W AM/FM + 12W USB/LSB but of course can be modified for export purposes!!!!

This may explain the reappearance of the radio on the Nevada website as reported on this blog yesterday.

Nevada list the price of the radio as £169.95

Previous versions of this radio have been plagued with problems affecting frequency stability so it will be interesting to see if these problems have been sorted out in the new version.

We shall wait and see..... 

UPDATE: Full technical analysis of the radio CLICK HERE